Established in 1982, Jinfo SA celebrates 30 years with customers

In this anniversary year, Jinfo SA wishes to associate its customers by presenting some of the products made with its CAD/CAM and PLM solutions. Today, Jinfo completes its offer with Mastercam, FAO’s most used in the world, and presents new versions of Creo, GOelan and Mastercam Swiss Expert.

The Jinfo SA and CNC Software Europe SA team in Porrentruy.

Pioneer in French speaking Switzerland in the development and services in CAD/CAM, Jinfo SA will celebrate its 30 years on November 14, at the autumn day of users. To celebrate the event, loyal customers have agreed to present examples of use and collaboration. Interested readers can discover these full statements on the website.

Jinfo expands its product range with Mastercam
For 2 years, Jinfo has been working closely with CNC Software Europe SA for the development of Mastercam Swiss Expert, a CAM system designed for high precision turning. In proposing today Mastercam for other types of NC machines, Jinfo markets all the Mastercam applications.

This CAM system allows 2 to 5 axes milling, turning, ripping for machining of wood, wire EDM and 2D/3D surface and volume design. In addition, the software suite includes the following applications:

  • Robotmaster, a software that allows to program a robot like a numerically controlled machine tool
  • Verisurf Reverse, a set of functions to pass from a points file to a CAD model
  • Art, creation and manufacture of artistic models.

Mastercam Swiss Expert version 2012
The 2012 version brings many new features requested by high precision turners, while improving the user interface. In addition, it contains environments of new turning machines, including the EvoDeco series from Tornos and all NC machine tools with B-axis, such as Citizen M32 type VIII and Tsugami HS207.
These environments include: 3D modeling of the machine, kinematics of the axes, tools and tools position management, specific synchronizations, post-processor for ISO, TB-Deco or other. Therefore the high precision turner works with the computer as if he were in front of his machine to optimize the programming.

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