The new standard for roughing applications

Haimer,  leading manufacturer in tool holding, and headquartered in Igenhausen, Germany has developed an innovative tool holding system for high-performance machining called SAFE-λOCK™.

In the Haimer Safe-Lock™ system, spiral-shaped grooves are ground into the shaft of the cutting tools. In combination with the corresponding drive pins in the tool holder, they prevent the tool from being pulled out of the chuck during heavy machining. Images: Haimer

It has been proving itself for a few years now in the most varied applications, and is gaining more and more license partners. In the meantime, leading cutting tool manufacturers have incorporated the Safe-Lock™-system into their product range and are already recommending it as the safest solution for increasing productivity in roughing applications. Widia, Walter, Sandvik Coromant, Kennametal, Helical, HAM, Emuge Franken and Data Flute – all of these cutting tool manufacturers have already acquired licenses for the Safe-Lock™ system by Haimer.

How the SAFE-λOCK™ System Works
The Safe-Lock™ principle works like this: Spiral-shaped grooves are ground into the cutting tool shank. In combination with corresponding carbide drive pins in the tool holder (shrink fit, collet or hydraulic chucks), they prevent the tool from twisting or even being pulled out of the chuck during extreme machining, which can lead to enormous costs when expensive workpieces are involved. The interplay of pull-out protection and the best runout accuracy leads to low-vibration and thus very efficient machining. This enables a doubling of metal removal rates by considerably increasing cutting depths and feed rates. Tool wear is proportionally reduced, too.

The end of the Weldon holder era has begun
Up to now, with a lack of alternatives, many users have had to resort to conventional Weldon holders, whose clamp screw causes positive locking. This allows the generation of infinitely high torques, until the cutter ultimately breaks. However, these Weldon tool holders also bring the following known disadvantages with them: unprecise radial runout, which hinders productivity due to occurring vibrations; poor clamping, because the shaft requires a bit of space in the chuck; poor balance properties due to the one-sided clamping surface, and a short tool life for HPC tools, which are generally very expensive.
The Haimer Safe-Lock™ system offers relief and can replace Weldon as the standard with unique advantages. This is true for all applications for which Weldon tool holders are currently in use, from titanium to aluminium to conventional tool steel.

SAFE-λOCK™ available in all clamping systems
The principle of the Safe-Lock™ system is not limited to shrink fit chucks. It can also be integrated into collet chucks and hydraulic chucks. In order to be able to also serve customers without shrink fit machines, Haimer offers an expanded collection of high-performance collet chucks. Depending on requirements, the market leader in tool holding and balancing technology recommends its low-vibration Power Collet Chucks for HSC or Heavy Duty Collet Chucks for heavy machining.

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