Escomatic machine with extra capabilities

At the Siams, Esco presents the new Escomatic machine: the D5 CNC ULTRA. This is a new development based on the Escomatic D2 CNC and you can still discover it till the end of the day in Moutier.

The machine base is new and has been adapted to the space requirement of the new concept. For those who know Esco, the straightening unit, the material feed unit and the rotating tool head are absolutely identical with the D2. A guarantee of quality.

In addition to the turning operations and based on the same principle, well known by the users of the NM 64X, it is possible to machine the front and the back sides of the part. On the front side drilling, tapping and threading is possible with three axially positioned spindles. After the cut-off of the part the back side can be machined simultaneously to the front side spindles and/or the turning operation by means of two axially and one laterally positioned spindles.

To finish parts
With a tool head speed of 12‘000 min-1 and 18‘000 min-1 for the front and back working spindles this new machine offers the turning performance of a D2 CNC with ultra-performing secondary machining operations. The counter collet and the system for the front machining with the three axially positioned spindles are mounted each on its own cross table with two CNC axes each.
For the back machining two axially and one laterally mounted spindles are available. Simultaneous machining of the back side during the turning process and/or the front machining is possible.

Consistency through time
The tooling is the same as for the D2 CNC and except for the guide bush and the counter collet, compatible with older cam driven Escomatic D2 machines.

The escomatic D5 CNC ULTRA is equipped with a FANUC 0 it CNC control system, the programming is done in ISO codes.

Key benefits

  • Maximal numbers of operations in one machine
  • Stock material diameter 0.3 – 4mm
  • Simple turned parts with front- and back side machining
  • Real 24 hours production from coil
  • Mass production as well sample manufacturing

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