Let light clean it for you …at Lausannetec

The first day of Lausannetec has just finished and it was a good one. The show is of very high quality and we will publish tomorrow the interview after one day of Pierre-Yves Schmid, director of the show. As usual on shows, I let you know what I discovered and today it is just an incredible surface treatment offered by Surface Synergie Groupe.

One of the main concerns in medical is cleanliness and sterilization and the company specialised in coatings just presents a true breakthrough in that domain: A photocatalyst coating that destroy organic pollutants and bacteria just with the action of light and UV’s. The process has already found place in Medical industry where its photokiller smart effect is highly valuated…. but there is more!

A short story
Let’s imagine you wear a watch treated with this coatings, all along the day the light slowly kills all germs and bacteria… and if that’s not enough (let’s say it is a gloomy winter day with a very rare and poor light), arrived home you remove your watch, put it into the specific box equipped with small UV lights, close it and  …bob is your uncle!  The day after you can take it out of the box perfectly clean of any organic pollutant or bacteria. Sounds like SF, doesn’t it?  In fact there is a whole world to discover with this new technology and Surfaces Synergie Groupe is about to tackle it.

How does it work?
Let’s start with a metallic part as support, and then using PVD coating technology, we deposit the layer of photosensitive coating. Under the action of light or UV (it is faster with UV) the material transforms the air surrounding the part into Hydroxyle Radicals that simply kills all these germs and organic pollution. And here is the answer to the quetsion: this antibacterial coating is natural and perfectly safe and healthy (compliant RoHS).

To be discovered till the end of the week
At Lausannetec, there are some sample parts on the Surface Synergie Groupe booth and specialists there are willing to demonstrate the benefits of their new product to the world… do not hesitate to visit them on hall 36, booth 3628C.

Surface Synergie Groupe
8 rue de la Batheuse
F – 25120 Maîche
Phone +33 03 81 64 30 22
[email protected]