New 6 axes CNC grinding and finishing center

At EPHJ in Genève, many companies present new products and yesterday we discovered the C-480 by Crevoisier SA. This machine includes two important innovations: 3 stacked-up rotating axes (pat. pending) and an indexing turret (patented). It should be a hit in the watch making industry

With the possibility to include 4 motorspindles, 3 abrasive belts and one probe, this new machine opens new possibilities to finish highly complex shapes.

The spindles can be equipped with two grinding wheels each (i.e. 8 pieces) but we can also use one of the 4 electrospindle (10 KW) to do milling operations if the part to be finished needs an extra machining. The whole body of the machine has been sized to tackle very demanding operations (it weighs 9 tons all the same).

What are the main markets?

  • Watch industry (watch cases)
  • Medical
  • Complex parts (6 axes simultaneous machining)
  • Hard materials machining

Highly positive first results
Crevoisier SA already presented the machine to some test customers and has indeed proceeded to many tests both on house and customers parts. Speaking about grinding, finishing or even high speed milling, the machine successfully passed all the tests.

The Crevoisier C-480 can be discovered at EPHJ till the end of the week, don’t miss it on Crevoisier booth (C60).

PS: If you go to Geneva, pay us a visit on booth D42