New conveyors offered by Misumi

With its new conveyors, Misumi offers the right part feeder for every application. As these conveyors are not yet included in the current 2011/2012 catalogue, a 164-page brochure has been put together detailing all the relevant information and technical specifications. It is available to download at

If you are interested in these products, single or dual track conveyors can now also be found in the online catalogue of the Japanese manufacturer and supplier of standard, purchased and made-to-order parts. These conveyors feature a head drive, centre drive or integrated drive, with lengths ranging from 190 mm to 6000 mm and widths from 30 mm to 500 mm. The belt width can be configured in 10-mm increments, and the length in 5-mm increments. The motor power output ranges from 6 to 90 W. When it comes to the belt, the customer has the choice of an elastomer resin, stainless steel or timing belt, as well as a whole host of accessory parts including stands, guide rails, transfer rollers and plastic chains.
What’s more, there is also the option of flat belts and timing belts. This choice enables the customer to put together the exact conveyor required for their application. The prices, delivery times and optional extras are set out in detail in easy-to-understand tables.
Depending on the design, the delivery time for the conveyors is between 13 and 17 working days.

Download the right conveyor
You can select the suitable conveyor online on the Misumi website by entering the conveyor specifications. The system uses the details you enter to compile a list of possible conveyors and also makes the corresponding 2D/3D CAD data available for you to download. What’s more, you can use the online catalogue to check and compare the motor characteristic values and the weight of each of the conveyors. Operating instructions are available to download in five different languages, and other language versions are supplied with the products. Two videos are available that provide information on how to change the belt.

Dimensions, power and delivery times

  • Lengths available: 190 to 6000 mm
  • Widths available: 30 to 500 mm
  • Power range: 6 to 90 W
  • Delivery times: 13 to 17 working days

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