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We will be back soon with a lot of news. With AMB, Micronora, IMTS, Swiss Medtec Forum and Medisiams (to name a few shows) coming, the manufacturers at every level of the production chain in microtechnology (parts, machines, peripherals, components, sub-assemblies, material or services providers) are busy preparing their offer to better serve their customers.

We’ve discussed with a few machine and material manufacturers and it seems that there will be some nice new discoveries to do. And for those looking for subcontractors, there are companies out there with extra skills all around the world.. we’ll present a few ones too.

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Pierre-Yves Kohler

Gold replacement coating now available as contract service

A coating service to treat electrical components with the gold replacement material Silver MaxPhase™ is now offered by Swedish company Impact Coatings. The company, which has developed the material as well as the process, has set up its own processing line in-house with capacity to take on contract work.

A contract service for coating components with the gold replacement material Silver MaxPhase is now offered by by Impact Coatings, using PVD equipment for coating reel-to-reel as well as individual parts.

The metal alloy Silver MaxPhase is a newly developed material with similar properties to gold in terms of conductivity and corrosion resistance, but at a fraction of the cost. This can significantly reduce the production cost for connectors and other electrical components. The contract service is offered for individual parts as well as reel-to-reel on metal strip.

For everyone
“Silver MaxPhase is very cost-effective in volume production, but setting up a production line for this process is quite a leap for many customers. By offering a contract service from our own premises, we now make the benefits of Silver MaxPhase available to users with smaller volumes and for pilot production runs,” says Henrik Ljungcrantz, the company’s CEO.
Silver MaxPhase is applied by physical vapor deposition (PVD), a process that takes place in a vacuum chamber where the material is evaporated and condensed to form a coating on the object.

Qualified process
Impact Coatings’ concept is an alternative to wet plating with gold. Over the past year the Silver MaxPhase coating has been qualified according to the IEC 60512 and IEC 60068 standards, for low voltage and low contact force connectors that are normally gold plated. Examples are battery and I/O connectors in consumer electronics.
The contract service is carried out at the company’s premises in Linköping in south-central Sweden, an area with good communications for transportation worldwide. Each new project is evaluated individually and its application and the requirements discussed with the customer.

For further information, please contact
Peter Högfeldt
Business Area Manager Electrical Contacts

Impact Coatings
Westmansgatan 29
SE-582 16 Linköping
Tel: +46 13 35 95 01
Mob: +46 708 87 44 34
[email protected]

Esprit-to-Vericut Interface

CGTech and DP Technology are pleased to announce the availability of the ESPRIT®-to-Vericut® Interface. The interface launches Vericut NC verification, machine simulation and optimization software from within ESPRIT 2012 CAM software.

“Accurately simulating the CNC machine and material removal with the actual NC code that will run on the machine is a requirement for the complex CNC machines and machining processes supported by ESPRIT users,” said CGTech’s Product Marketing Manager Bill Hasenjaeger. “Working together, the ESPRIT/Vericut combination provides a comprehensive solution to help prevent errors from being forwarded to the shop floor — avoiding material scrap, machine damage, broken tools and wasted time.”

Perfect integration
The ESPRIT-to-Vericut Interface tightly integrates the two programs to help users create the most accurate and efficient NC programs possible. The tools, fixtures and stock material created in ESPRIT are seamlessly transferred into Vericut, which is automatically set up in the correct orientation and coordinate system to allow simulation to start immediately. Both the kinematics and CNC control of each machine tool are accurately modeled and defined inside Vericut, ensuring the checks mirror the exact behavior of the CNC machine.

Important savings
By simulating CNC programs on a computer without using the actual machine tool, ESPRIT users are able to realize significant savings and efficiencies by reducing machine cycle time, improving work quality and maximizing throughput. Possible programming errors are identified sooner without putting the actual machine tool at risk.


CGTech France (French speaking Switzerland)
104 avenue Albert 1er, 92500 Rueil Malmaison
Phone +33
[email protected]

To be seen at Micronora Hall C – n°305

CGTech Deutschland GmbH (German speaking Switzerland)
Neusser Landstr. 386
D-50769 Cologne
Phone +49 (0)221-97996-0
FAX: +49 (0)221-97996-28
[email protected]

To be seen at AMB, Hall 4 – A14

One-stop-shop for machine-tool peripherals

For a few years now LNS, the Swiss builder of bar feeders founded in 1975, has repositioned its worldwide activities as a global provider of peripherals for machine-tools. To discuss this strategy and the future, we’ve met with Thomas H. Boehmer, Chief Executive Officer and Romain Sumi, Chief Marketing Officer of the LNS Group.

For nearly 40 years the company developed customer oriented bar loading solutions and then through several strategic acquisitions, the main product range has evolved and been drastically complemented.

Passing from the specialist of bar loading to a more global player seems quite a bold move, why this radical change?
Even if we are a global player, we are very close to the markets and breed deep relationships with our sales and service network, OEMs, dealers and agents. Around 2000, it became clear that over time, the business of bar feeding would not be growing steadily in western markets, and our strategy was to add another product family to our product range in order to diversify our offering, and better serve our customer base worldwide. There are a lot of machine-tools that don’t use feeding devices, even in the lathe and turning industry, so we decided it was time to diversify our product range. We wanted to maintain our area of knowledge and so other peripherals were quite logical. We started in the US market, as it was more prepared for it and then started our focus on Europe 5 years ago. In Asia we are still mainly known for bar feeding systems.

Selling devices that pushes bars or a complete set of peripherals to the service of a customer is very different market, was it easy to implement such a change?
To sell peripherals that work well according to the customers’ need, we must be close to them to understand what they really want and need. They can be widely different from one customer to another, from one field of activity to another and from one country to another. In that regard, we are planning and thinking globally but acting locally. Our approach of offering tailored solutions to customers has always been critical, and maintaining this priority while expanding globally has been recognized as an ongoing challenge demanding our continuous attention.  Such a transition is complex and has not been easy. We work hand in hand with key OEM manufacturers of machine tools. We work behind the scenes to offer one complete solution of peripherals that fits with the machine. Nobody offers a global solution like we do.

How does the company take benefits of its locations worldwide? How does it combine industrial logic and marketing to the service of customers worldwide?  MM Boehmer and Sumi will answer to these questions and much more in Eurotec’s next issue.

2534 Orvin
Phone: +41 (0)32 358 02 00
Fax: +41 (0)32 358 02 01
[email protected]

Want to know more about the recent news published on LNS on-line ?

The recent articles in Eurotec:

Weiss AG bets on CVD diamond

To strengthen its presence on the market, Weiss AG takes an additional step by investing in the latest laser technology which allows to machine perfectly not only PCD diamond cutting tools but also those in CVD. Thanks to this new technology, cutting edges impossible to realise before are now within reach. It is conceivable to cut almost all imaginable geometries, whether it be sharp or, rounded edges, positive or negative, with or without 3D chip breaker for an optimal chip evacuation.

CVD diamond thick film is a real cutting material in polycrystalline diamond without binder and hard metal substrate. It seduces by its high resistance to wear and the cutting edge it gives on cutting tools when they are machined by laser. The tool life can be 50 times longer than the PCD tools, regardless of the type of PCD. CVD diamond shows its considerable superiority compared to PCD when used on alloys of aluminum containing at least 12% of Si, on plastic reinforced by glass fibers with high percentage of glass, titanium alloys, on plastics reinforced by carbon fiber and on hard metal containing at least 12% of Co.

New technology to do better tools
With this latest laser machine, tools can be fully machined in a single clamping operation, including the needed chip breakers. The high speed of the laser dramatically reduces machining time. That was another reason for the acquisition of this innovative technology.

Thanks to this new laser technology, Weiss AG is now able to manufacture almost the full range of PCD and CVD diamonds tools, whether it be ISO removable inserts, milling or turning tools. All these tools are available with 3D chip breakers if needed. Of course the company also manufactures special tools with the latest laser technology.

Weiss AG
Diamant- und CBN-Werkzeuge
Platz 229
CH-9428 Walzenhause
Tel. +41(0)71 886 49 00
Fax +41(0)71 886 49 09
[email protected]

OrthoTec Europe announcing its third edition with exclusive new features

The annual European conference and exhibition for the design and manufacture of orthopaedic implants and instruments will be held 12- 13 September 2012 in Zürich, Switzerland. Its exclusive new features aim to stimulate innovative projects and create partnerships

OrthoTec Europe features an exhibition of over 70 specialist suppliers of technologies and services for the design and manufacture of implants and instruments including materials, biomaterials, CAD/CAM/CAE software and rapid prototyping, testing, machining technology, contract manufacturing (CMS), cleaning, packaging and sterilisation.

Free exhibition
Free to attend through on-line registration
You can see who is exhibiting here.

Two days of conferences
At the two days of conferences, learn from leading internationally renowned experts; clinicians, implant manufacturers, suppliers and academia who will give updates on:

  • Global regulations and the impact for the orthopaedic industry
  • Emerging markets: Opportunities, challenges and key drivers
  • Innovation in materials
  • New approaches for Advanced Manufacturing

You can reach the detailed conference programme here.

New features
4 workshops where you can acquire a deeper insight into cleaning validation for surgical instruments, cleaning and packaging validation of implants, design and simulation, additive manufacturing
You can reach the detailed workshop programme here.

OrthoTec Investment Hub aims to stimulate the emergence of innovative projects in orthopaedics and create a place where partnerships can be developed between patent holders, industrial and international investors in the orthopaedic industry
Be part of the 18 projects that will be selected to be presented at the “speed presentation session” and apply by 25 July
You can discover the OrthoTec Investment Hub full programme here.

Special early bird rate to attend the conference, workshops and OrthoTec Investment Hub here.


Applitec: New cutting tool holder block for MultiSwiss

The new MultiSwiss machine from Tornos is already making a big impact. As its presence on the market grows, additional product suppliers are starting to bring out solutions which extend its possibilities. A case in point is Applitec, which has produced a tool holder head designed for cutting.

Specialists in bar turning tools, Applitec provide solutions which are specifically designed for machining parts from a few tenths of a millimetre to 32 mm. By using this dedicated cutting tool holder, MultiSwiss can benefit from this manufacturer’s well-known Top-Line range of inserts.

Perfectly interchangeable
The standard solution is a 16×16 bar on the tool, clamped in a tool holder which is then fixed on the slide. Tornos also offers its customers a second version composed of a solid base which houses a tool holder head. This offers advantages in terms of ergonomics, thanks to the improved accessibility and increased rigidity. Applitec, along with other suppliers, offers this type of tool holder head which is compatible with the Tornos block.
Standard inserts
Pascal Kohler, development manager at Applitec, explains: “Top-Line inserts are perfectly adapted to the MultiSwiss machine and the tests carried out with Tornos have confirmed our wish to ensure their compatibility with this extraordinary machine”.

The benefits
The height of the Applitec tool holder can be adjusted; it is secured with two easily accessible screws and the integrated coolant spray system comprises a standard and modular spray tube. Depending on requirements, it can be easily changed to allow coolant to be sprayed closer to the cut. The compact dimensions of this tool holder mean that very short workpieces can be picked up with the counter spindle, without the need for a special extended collet.

Applitec Moutier SA
Swiss Tooling
Chemin Nicolas-Junker 2
CH-2740 Moutier
Tel. +41 32 494 60 20
Fax: +41 32 493 42 60
[email protected]  www.applitec-tools.com