South Africa – Exploring business opportunities in an emerging healthcare market

Join Medtech Switzerland on a Trade Mission to South Africa (Sept. 3-6th, 2012), a program specifically designed for Swiss medtech SMEs interested in exploring business opportunities in this fast growing market.

With roughly 50 million inhabitants, South Africa has the largest growing medical technology market in Sub-Saharan Africa. Both a strong private and public health sector – which is receiving significant government investment to meet reform demands – have opened the door to a booming healthcare market. As medical devices are predominantly imported, healthcare reform represents a growing opportunity for Swiss-based medical device manufactures. Medtech Switzerland and the Swiss Business Hub South Africa have partnered to bring you Trade Mission South Africa, a new adventure into new opportunities.

Highlights of the 2012 Trade Mission South Africa

  • Discover emerging opportunities as a result of healthcare reform
  • Navigate regulatory and government hurdles with help from experts in the field
  • Network with key purchasers, distributors and hospital groups

The Trade Mission South Africa will be accompanied by representatives of the Swiss Business Hub and Medtech Switzerland with hospital and site visits organized by local representatives and experts of the Swiss Business Hub.

Registration ends soon
The number of participants is limited so register ASAP by submitting (scan/email or fax) the completed registration form reachable here. A detailed travel package with all information needed will be sent mid of August. Registration closes July 31st.

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