Simultaneous 6-axis grinding

In unveiling its C-480 grinding and finishing center to the Swiss market at the EPHJ trade show, Crevoisier SA hit the bull’s eye. With 7 working axes and 6 simultaneously interpolated, the C-480 aims the realization of complex parts. With a respectable mass of 9 tons, the machine displays impressive rigidity to tackle the most demanding operations and materials.

If the capacities of this finishing center are perfectly targeted to the watchmaking field, they allow it to propose perfect solutions for all areas needing to finish complex parts from blanks (including medical), to realize finishes that require important material removals and to machine hard metals.

Very complete equipment
The C-480 grinding and finishing center is built around a tool holder turret with 4 spindles (10 kW), each being able to receive 2 grinding wheels or other tools, for example for HSM milling operations. The turret also includes three abrasive belts and a probe.

Wide range of tooling and clamping
The range of tools available on the new C-480 is immediately very broad since it offers the spectrum of tools available on the C-400B machine. Several clamping systems are available, for example expandable clamp, vice, F20, 3R or Yerly system or even dedicated clamping on demand.

Simplified programming
Equipped with a Siemens 840D Solution Line NC, 7 axes and a new user interface, it ensures simplified access to programming. To program parts in families or adjust dimensions, no need to know the ISO programming. To take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the interpolation of the 6 axes, the C-480 is sold with a GibbsCAM module that includes the dedicated post-processor, a simultaneous 6-axis plugin and a 3D Simulator.

Innovation at all levels
The patent application for the parts carrier arm, called [email protected], is in progress, the indexable multi-tools turret is already patented. The part is mounted on 3 rotary axes stacked in order to make the point of intersection of the three axes coincide with the center of the part to be machined (see image) so the overhang is reduced to a minimum.
Designed for the machining of hard materials, the C-480 is protected against the micro-particles generated when doing such machining. Engineers have designed the slides to work in overpressure environment, thus it is impossible for chips, dust or particles (micro or nano) to enter into the precious organs of the machine.

What about the results?
“Exciting” people say in Les Genevez. Tests realized for customers, whether they were grinding, HSM milling, finishing or machining of titanium, held all their promises and the first orders has just rewarded the company.

We will come back to this machine in a further issue of Eurotec.

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