Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Outsourcing is often viewed as an attack on the Swiss work place, but in many cases, outsourcing certain activities in “low-cost” countries that are not part of the core businesses of Swiss companies allows them to preserve jobs in Switzerland. Meeting with MM. Thomas Dalla Vecchia and Hannes Treier, founders of Obal SA, a company that helps Swiss SMEs to subcontract in Eastern Europe.

If many outsourcing operations in Eastern Europe are not that successful, it is simply that the processes have not been considered in their wholenesses and not taking into account the socio-cultural differences inherent to each country. M. Dalla Vecchia says: “When companies want to work with Asia, they often take time to think in depth, with the Eastern Europe they often believe that these markets are identical to the European countries they know, but this is not the case”.

Very specialised offer
Active on the market since 2006 Obal offers its know-how of the Eastern Europe to the Swiss companies active in mechanics, microtechnology, equipment and construction of machines. M.Treier specifies: “We are specialised in the industry and we focus our know-how in this field”.

In-depth analysis
To benefit from the skills of Obal, it is necessary to spend a little time: “We work according to a proven model and if there is one thing that is important, it is to invest the necessary time. We must completely analyse the needs of the Swiss companies willing to export part of their productions” explains M. Dalla Vecchia.

Quality services…
Many Swiss companies are already working with subcontractors from the Eastern countries (Obal displays an impressive reference list), the most important is to really find the partners that fit perfectly, this in terms of delivery time, quality, or other parameters.

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