Happy Summer time!

Eurotec’s newsstand is now on holidays for about two weeks! For those who are happy to have a few days off, Enjoy!

We will be back soon with a lot of news. With AMB, Micronora, IMTS, Swiss Medtec Forum and Medisiams (to name a few shows) coming, the manufacturers at every level of the production chain in microtechnology (parts, machines, peripherals, components, sub-assemblies, material or services providers) are busy preparing their offer to better serve their customers.

We’ve discussed with a few machine and material manufacturers and it seems that there will be some nice new discoveries to do. And for those looking for subcontractors, there are companies out there with extra skills all around the world.. we’ll present a few ones too.

I will be happy to resume feeding the newsstand soon.


Pierre-Yves Kohler