New Swiss ST 26 – 7 axes, power, quality and price

With a long-standing presence on the market for parts with high added value, Tornos has been expanding its range for several years to cover fields requiring simpler solutions, and now caters for a wide variety of needs. Although the European market is well serviced by current ranges, this is not the case in Asia and, to a lesser extent, in the USA, where Tornos does not sell the Delta or Gamma ranges.

To address the need for a mid-range machine capable of competitively producing relatively complex parts, Tornos has created the Swiss ST 26. Everything suggests that this machine, with its 7 linear axes, two C axes, high machining capacity and extremely competitive price, will be up to the task. Let’s look in detail at the product’s performance.

Tooling: large capacity
With a capacity of 26 mm and two totally independent tool systems which can be equipped with more than 36 tools, including special devices (polygon operation, thread whirling, inclined milling, etc.), the new Swiss ST can be used to produce moderately complex parts with large diameters. According to Serge Villard, product manager at Tornos, “The Swiss ST is designed to competitively produce all types of parts, and is specifically intended for the medical and automotive sectors. Its kinematics and synchronous spindle motor make it up to 30% more efficient than its direct competitors with 5 or 6 linear axes”.

Kinematics: 7 axes for higher performance
The Swiss ST is intended for the mid-range market segment, which mainly comprises machines with 5 or 6 linear axes; Serge Villard explains: “With the Swiss ST we wanted to create a different type of machine from the outset. Thanks to the motivation and ingenuity of our teams, the Swiss ST offers greater productivity and flexibility and is less expensive than many of its direct competitors. This machine will enable our customers to produce parts more quickly than on conventional mid-range machines, while still being able to produce more complex parts which up to now have required high-end machines”.

3 packs to meet every requirement
The Swiss ST 26 can be equipped with up to 36 tools, including 20 driven tools. The modular concept enables optimal distribution of rotating tools on the machine’s tool systems. The Swiss ST 26 is available with a complete range of devices, including a polygon tool, radial and frontal drilling/milling devices, inclined drilling/milling device, thread whirling tool, HF spindle, etc. It is also possible to equip the machine with a variety of peripheral devices, such as high pressure pumps, oil mist extractor, coolant temperature stabiliser, etc. the machine is available in 3 packs with different equipment:

  • Starter
  • Advanced
  • Medical

The machine is only available in a non-EC version, and will therefore not be sold in Europe.

For more information
Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Tel. +41 32 494 44 44
Fax: +41 32 494 49 07
[email protected]

The machine will be launched at IMTS on the Tornos booth #8666

4 thoughts on “New Swiss ST 26 – 7 axes, power, quality and price”

    1. According to the manufacturer the machine is sold in several versions:
      Starter, Advanced and Medical.
      The Starter is sold from 150 KUSD without bar loader while the Medical is around 175 KUSD.
      I’ve heard the company will have a special launch price with quite a discount.. but I don’t know more.

    2. According to some sources the above mentionned prices seems to already be the discounted ones. The available information is partial.
      I’ve asked the company and I’ll come to you later.

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