To extend the life of machines

Family company of about 15 employees, Ventura Mecanics SA located in Chambrelien (Switzerland) extends the life of Escomatic type cam machines. Updates, overhauls, replacement of tool-heads by the new adaptable and compatible 12’000 rpm tool-head is the credo of Luca and Fabio Ventura.

The two brothers are involved in the family business created 28 years ago. Nowadays Ventura is leader in the retrofit of Escomatic type cam machines.

Machines overhaul
Each machine is completely dismantled; bearings and wear parts are changed. Optionally the lathe can be equipped with a 12’000 rpm tool-head (Ventura patent). This Ventura head offers Escomatic® cam machines a possibility to benefit from an increase in performance. Finally, each machine is updated with EC standards and is delivered with guarantee certificate and declaration of conformity. The company may also replace the gearbox by actuators and thus allows programming the speed of the camshaft by segments. 90% of the customer base is located abroad: USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe indeed.

Machine retrofit – fight the signs of aging
Even the latest machine tools are not immune to the passing of time. However, machine retrofit counteracts the signs of aging and modernizes machine tools to improve productivity, enable new functions, and increase energy efficiency.
If the mechanics are still in good condition, but the control unit or drive is no longer state-of-the-art, machine retrofit is often much more cost effective than buying a new system. Additionally, machine retrofit will provide significant performance improvement, increased efficiency, and greater spare part availability.

Four areas of activity

  • Retrofit or upgrade of Escomatic®type machines
  • Production and overhaul of tool-heads (rotating)
  • Installation of the Ventura tool-head (patented, 12’000 rpm)
  • Sale of spare parts, equipment, cutting tools, cams, guide bushes, chucks / tailor-made study and manufacture of specific parts.

Ventura Mecanics SA
Le Bürkli No. 1
CH-2019 Chambrelien
Tel +41 32 855 25 10
Fax +41 32 855 25 13
[email protected]

You can download the full article just published in the August issue of Eurotec here.