Slim slot-type vacuum chucks now available as starter set

The proven slot-type chuck with integrated Venturi nozzle together with a robust vacuum pump is now available as an extensive starter set. There are two versions available.

The low-cost starter version already has low-maintenance Venturi technology integrated to generate vacuum and can be used immediately. The dbA noise level is relatively low with 57. The set with a powerful vacuum pump offers greater possibilities.

Advantages of the slim slot-type: very flat, large range of uses (rubber adapter mat can be reused of exchanged) , can be used in high speed cutting for precision work with the aid of plane parallel black mats, which can be machined down to achieve optimum accuracy.

For many applications
Witte slot-type vacuum chucks have been in use worldwide for many years for various manufacturing processes. They are ideal for light machining operations such as milling, drilling (e.g. of key boards or electronic components) and engraving, as well as in the use of complex work piece shapes with through cuts.

Reliable clamping in every occasion
Even parts much smaller than the surface of the vacuum chuck can still be clamped securely. During a milling process parts the size of a postage stamp might be cut from large sheet metal blanks. Individual adaptation to different part geometries is usually done within one to two minutes and enables reliable clamping of virtually all conceivable part geometries.

Versatile sets available
The versatile sets are available three standard formats (200 x 300 mm, 300 x 400 m and 400 x 600 mm), but also special sizes are possible. Witte’s range of grid type vacuum chucks, suitable for heavy machining jobs, has also been revised and they are now available as sets.

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