To extend the life of machines

Family company of about 15 employees, Ventura Mecanics SA located in Chambrelien (Switzerland) extends the life of Escomatic type cam machines. Updates, overhauls, replacement of tool-heads by the new adaptable and compatible 12’000 rpm tool-head is the credo of Luca and Fabio Ventura.

The two brothers are involved in the family business created 28 years ago. Nowadays Ventura is leader in the retrofit of Escomatic type cam machines.

Machines overhaul
Each machine is completely dismantled; bearings and wear parts are changed. Optionally the lathe can be equipped with a 12’000 rpm tool-head (Ventura patent). This Ventura head offers Escomatic® cam machines a possibility to benefit from an increase in performance. Finally, each machine is updated with EC standards and is delivered with guarantee certificate and declaration of conformity. The company may also replace the gearbox by actuators and thus allows programming the speed of the camshaft by segments. 90% of the customer base is located abroad: USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe indeed.

Machine retrofit – fight the signs of aging
Even the latest machine tools are not immune to the passing of time. However, machine retrofit counteracts the signs of aging and modernizes machine tools to improve productivity, enable new functions, and increase energy efficiency.
If the mechanics are still in good condition, but the control unit or drive is no longer state-of-the-art, machine retrofit is often much more cost effective than buying a new system. Additionally, machine retrofit will provide significant performance improvement, increased efficiency, and greater spare part availability.

Four areas of activity

  • Retrofit or upgrade of Escomatic®type machines
  • Production and overhaul of tool-heads (rotating)
  • Installation of the Ventura tool-head (patented, 12’000 rpm)
  • Sale of spare parts, equipment, cutting tools, cams, guide bushes, chucks / tailor-made study and manufacture of specific parts.

Ventura Mecanics SA
Le Bürkli No. 1
CH-2019 Chambrelien
Tel +41 32 855 25 10
Fax +41 32 855 25 13
[email protected]

You can download the full article just published in the August issue of Eurotec here.



10th international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning

Clean solutions for the optimized cleaning of parts and surfaces …and a lot of know-how to be discovered in Stuttgart, Germany from October 23 to 25, 2012.

At the 10th parts2clean trade around 230 exhibitors will be presenting products and services for the optimized cleaning of parts and surfaces in manufacturing industries, maintenance and remanufacturing. Complementing the world’s most comprehensive trade fair in this field, the parts2clean expert forum, offers valuable knowledge to enable industrial parts to be cleaned reproducibly, cost-effectively and with a low ecological impact. This well established information source is being held for the first time this year bilingual (German – English).

Cleanliness as a key factor
In a growing number of industrial sectors, the cleanliness of components and surfaces has become a quality criterion defined by specific, reproducible residual contamination values which need to be attained and documented. With global competition continuing to rise, it has become essential for companies involved in the manufacturing business, in maintenance or remanufacturing to be able to fulfill these requirements in a cost-optimized way and as ecologically efficiently as possible.

Tailored solutions
However, this can only be achieved by implementing solutions which are individually adapted to a company’s needs and capable of carrying out complex cleaning tasks, removing oils and greases, removing burrs, assessing residual contamination or providing temporary corrosion protection. All these solutions and more will be presented by the 230 exhibitors taking part in the 10th parts2clean at the Stuttgart fairground from October 23 to 25, 2012.

Bilingual parts2clean expert forum – knowledge that’s worth having
One of the highlights of the leading trade fair is the expert forum. “In order to meet the growing international demand for information about industrial parts and surface cleaning, for the first time we’ll be holding the forum in two languages this year. The German or English speeches, respectively, will be simultaneously translated,” stats Hartmut Herdin, CEO of the event management company, fairXperts GmbH.
Participation in the parts2clean expert forum is free of charge to visitors. The complete agenda and further information can be found under

The exhibition will be open daily from 9.00 to 17.00.

New Swiss ST 26 – 7 axes, power, quality and price

With a long-standing presence on the market for parts with high added value, Tornos has been expanding its range for several years to cover fields requiring simpler solutions, and now caters for a wide variety of needs. Although the European market is well serviced by current ranges, this is not the case in Asia and, to a lesser extent, in the USA, where Tornos does not sell the Delta or Gamma ranges.

To address the need for a mid-range machine capable of competitively producing relatively complex parts, Tornos has created the Swiss ST 26. Everything suggests that this machine, with its 7 linear axes, two C axes, high machining capacity and extremely competitive price, will be up to the task. Let’s look in detail at the product’s performance.

Tooling: large capacity
With a capacity of 26 mm and two totally independent tool systems which can be equipped with more than 36 tools, including special devices (polygon operation, thread whirling, inclined milling, etc.), the new Swiss ST can be used to produce moderately complex parts with large diameters. According to Serge Villard, product manager at Tornos, “The Swiss ST is designed to competitively produce all types of parts, and is specifically intended for the medical and automotive sectors. Its kinematics and synchronous spindle motor make it up to 30% more efficient than its direct competitors with 5 or 6 linear axes”.

Kinematics: 7 axes for higher performance
The Swiss ST is intended for the mid-range market segment, which mainly comprises machines with 5 or 6 linear axes; Serge Villard explains: “With the Swiss ST we wanted to create a different type of machine from the outset. Thanks to the motivation and ingenuity of our teams, the Swiss ST offers greater productivity and flexibility and is less expensive than many of its direct competitors. This machine will enable our customers to produce parts more quickly than on conventional mid-range machines, while still being able to produce more complex parts which up to now have required high-end machines”.

3 packs to meet every requirement
The Swiss ST 26 can be equipped with up to 36 tools, including 20 driven tools. The modular concept enables optimal distribution of rotating tools on the machine’s tool systems. The Swiss ST 26 is available with a complete range of devices, including a polygon tool, radial and frontal drilling/milling devices, inclined drilling/milling device, thread whirling tool, HF spindle, etc. It is also possible to equip the machine with a variety of peripheral devices, such as high pressure pumps, oil mist extractor, coolant temperature stabiliser, etc. the machine is available in 3 packs with different equipment:

  • Starter
  • Advanced
  • Medical

The machine is only available in a non-EC version, and will therefore not be sold in Europe.

For more information
Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Tel. +41 32 494 44 44
Fax: +41 32 494 49 07
[email protected]

The machine will be launched at IMTS on the Tornos booth #8666

Guhring RT 100 HF reliability and stability in Inconel

With the new Ratio drill type RT 100 Guhring is presenting a newly developed solid carbide drill at AMB 2012 in Stuttgart that sets new standards regarding process reliability and performance especially for the machining of difficult-to-machine materials.

The new RT 100 HF is optimally suited for the machining of high-tensile materials and nickel-based super-alloys as for example Inconel 718.

With its robust cutting edge geometry it is optimised for the typical wear types of high-tensile materials and nickel-based alloys. In addition, the new geometry results in a reduced thermal loading of the cutting edges. The Guhring specially developed, extremely hard Signum coating offers a highly effective wear protection for the machining of these difficult-to-machine materials thanks to its high hot wear resistance and its high diffusion resistance.

A thermo-graphic examination shows that the heat stresses at the cutting edge of RT 100 HF on the right are clearly lower compared to the conventional cutting edge geometry.

The new drill type enables extremely economical machining of heat and chemical resistant materials. It supplements the Guhring product range for applications in the aerospace industry, the energy plant engineering industry, the chemical industry and increasingly also in the automotive industry, that all benefit from the constructive advantages of these difficult-to-machine materials.

The RT 100 HF is available as a standard tool for drilling depths 3xD, 5xD and 7xD with internal cooling as well as without for the drilling depth 3xD. Furthermore, Guhring manufactures special tools in intermediate dimensions or with steps according to specific customer requirements.

Gühring (Schweiz) AG
Postfach 242
Grundstrasse 16
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Tel. (+41) 41 798 20 80
Fax (+41) 41 790 00 50
[email protected]

Gühring worldwide :


Medtech Focus USA – Export opportunities for suppliers and service providers

Join Medtech Switzerland on a special suppliers and service providers medtech delegation trip to the US on October 29 – November 1, 2012. Minneapolis, MN.

Minnesota is a growing hot spot for medical technologies in the US. Nearly 80 per cent of the private sector biobusiness technology jobs in Minnesota today are involved in medical devices, with employment in this sector 43 per cent greater than in the US as a whole. With annual revenues of over USD 11 billion, Minnesota is home to medtech giants such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific, 3M and St. Jude. The Medtech Focus USA program is designed specifically to connect Swiss suppliers and service providers with big US medtech manufacturers.

Highlights of the 2012 Medtech Focus program:

  • Insight into expanding your business to the US
  • Network with the `big medtech´ companies in the Minneapolis area
  • Visit MD&M Minneapolis trade show 2012 in Minneapolis, MN

MD&M show
Capitalizing on the high concentration of medical technology companies in Minnesota, the MD&M trade show holds one of its world renowned trade show events in Minneapolis. MD&M is dedicated to offering Minnesota´s premier medical device trade show for R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs professionals within the medical manufacturing industry.

The number of participants is limited so please register as soon as possible to ensure a place by submitting the completed registration form.

Medtech Switzerland
Patrick Dümmler, Managing Director,
Wankdorffeldstr. 102
Postfach 261
3000 Bern 22

Registration & project management
Sarah Moyle, Medtech Switzerland
Tel. +41 31 335 62 41
[email protected]

Simultaneous turning and milling, multi-spindle production

Chiron presents eight machining centers with live demonstrations of metal-cutting at the AMB 2012 in Stuttgart. With the motto “Seconds ahead”, the company is presenting highly productive and efficient production solutions for countless applications in a wide variety of industries.

With the FZ12 MT to be discovered at AMB, simultaneous turning and milling is possible.

In hall 5, stand C12, the machine builder is showing solutions with which Chiron customers can best gain competitive advantages in terms of speed, precision and economy. There are two highlights in particular: For the first time in Germany at a trade fair, the FZ12 MT is being shown. It is for simultaneous turning and milling and the efficient six-sided complete machining of bars. The four-spindle TZ15 W Magnum is being premièred with new space saving background magazine for up to 4 x 52 (!) tools.

Simultaneous milling and turning means double the productivity
The FZ12 MT offers double the productivity thanks to halved throughput times. The compact and fast machining center with swivel head, turning spindle, tool revolver and opposed spindle make turning and milling possible at the same time by simultaneous use of two tools. For the greatest accuracy, it is equipped with up to eleven controllable axes with direct path measurement systems. The range of applications for the FZ12 MT is broad: The opposed spindle with swivel axis permits complex five-axis operations and six-sided workpiece machining with the highest surface quality. This innovation can be seen in the equipment variation with bar loader for the manufacture of brass circuit board carriers.

Four spindles with space saving background magazine
For especially complex machining on the four-spindle TZ15 W Magnum, Chiron is presenting for the first time a newly designed, space saving background magazine. The tools are vertically arranged in spirals, with the modular design permitting expansion up to 254 tools. The version shown at the trade fair has 4 x 52 tools. The TZ15 W Magnum, as a compact machining center, features very high productivity within a small area, thanks to its four spindles and high dynamics. For economic 5-sided machining of components, the machining center can also be equipped with a workpiece changing mechanism with integrated 2-axis NC swivel rotary tables. The machining of thermostat housings out of aluminium can be seen live.

Chiron-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG
Kreuzstraße 75
D-78532 Tuttlingen, Germany
Phone 074 61-940 0
Fax 0 74 61-940 8000
[email protected]

New top management at Mägerle

Erich Schmid (58) has taken over the management of the Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik in Fehraltorf (Switzerland) as managing director on 1st July 2012.

He has many years of international management experience in the machine tool industry, most recently as CEO. Erich Schmid is a qualified mechanical and economical engineer (FH) and a graduate of the Executive Management Program at Stanford University.

Eurotec wishes him all the best in his new duties.

Mägerle: recognised performance in demanding conditions
The worldwide reputation of Mägerle flat and profile grinding machines is long established. With their equally high removal capacity and machining precision, they are recognised on the market as top-class machines. They demonstrate their performance and versatility daily in demanding applications in the turbine industry, the automotive and aircraft industry, the hydraulics industry and the energy sector, as well as machine tools and toolmaking. All industries that make the highest demands in respect of mechanical, ergonomic and operational qualities.

Körber Schleifring AG
3005 Bern, Schweiz