Business oriented ERP-CAPM software

If, with Clipper, Clip Industry proposes a CAPM and ERP software which corresponds to the requirements of SME’s of the mechanical industries, it is because the product is not a software developed by scientists, but a working tool that was created in collaboration with engineers from the various fields of mechanical engineering and microtechnology.

The implementation of Clipper has many objectives, including the improvement of productivity and profitability, greater responsiveness and of course a great security in decision making. Nevertheless the system is very light.

Installed in Switzerland for 15 years, Clip Industry offers a solution of ERP-CAPM in the form of a complete software. Contrary to many solutions available on the market, Clipper is not a product that you buy “by module as required”. Mr. Nanchen, director of Clip Industrie Switzerland says: “When you buy Clipper, everything is included, and you choose the training based on your requirements”. But what about cost? Indeed, you are purchasing a product that may be more comprehensive than your immediate needs. In this regard Mr. Nanchen says: “The price of the software all included is 9’500 CHF; even with all the imaginable training, we remain in a very low price range which ensures a rapid return on investment for our customers”.

Let’see how it is possible:

  • Simplified implementation – Product dedicated to companies from 2 to 200 persons, Clipper is simple to implement.
  • A well-tailored product – At first when we look at the flowchart that summarizes all the activities at reunited by Clipper, it seems complicated. Mr. Nanchen reassures us: “As Clipper was developed with a strong orientation towards the mechanical companies, we can very quickly convince potential customers”.
  • Service and training – With a software that costs less than 10’000 CHF, the company built its economic model on service and quality. With more than 150 customers in French-speaking Switzerland and more than 1500 in Europe, Clip industry ensures that customers are always perfectly trained and efficient with its use.
  • Version change -When a significant change (as version 6, that will be released early 2013), customers receive  the information, and according to the points that interest them, further training is necessary in order for them to be able to take advantages of it.

To be discovered on youtube:

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We will publish a complete article in Eurotec’s next issue. There is more to discover indeed.