Freezing clamping technology at AMB

The AMCC-freezing clamping technology is a patented, high-performance system that allows clamping without deformation and clamping of smallest workpieces simply using ice! To be discovered at the AMB that starts tomorrow.

The freezing technology is very easy, connect the plate to the air supply, spray water, place the parts and freeze!

Originally designed to meet the needs of space industry workshops, icing plates have since become a necessity in all fields involving the manufacture of delicate parts (medical, electronics, watchmaking, jewelry).

How does it work?
The workpieces are placed on a moistened freezing plate, which is cooled with a compresses-air heat exchanger*. After few seconds water will freeze and the workpieces are clamped.


  • The sensitive parts are clamped without pressure – when clamping workpieces there is no risk of distortion or breakage.
  • Workpieces of any shape are firmly held in place (no more specific assemblies). Also in each operation 5-axes machining is possible.
  • Any material can be clamped: metal, plastic, graphite, ceramics, honeycomb, fabric, neoprene, rubber.
  • For a metal workpiece the holding force of the freezing clamping plate is 150 N/cm². In comparison with the 100-150N/cm² with magnetic chuck and 10 N/cm² with vacuum clamping plate, the freezing technology offers high holding force.
  • Because of the cold, the rigidity for many materials (plastics, raw ceramics, neoprene,…) is higher and improves the workability.
  • After release of the workpieces, the ice has the advantage that no residues are left on the workpiece.

Spreitzer will also present its new mechanical centre-clamping vise MZC 280-100 and the Simpline Onlineshop, provider of quality tools for the metal cutting industry.
AMB Stuttgart, hall E2, stand E2/130

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