Compact, automatically cleaning, long life …at AMB this week

For over 30 years, LTA has been researching, developing and manufacturing aerosol separation products. The electrostatic separation method is eco-friendly and has continuously been further developed and improved. To be discovered at AMB on Hall 8, booth C70.

The filtration efficiency of >99% refers to a particle size of <1µm. The values were measured and confirmed by the independent institute ILK Dresden.

The AC 6000-CIP is an automatically cleanable air filter of compact design. Due to its special design, the air filter AC 6000-CIP is perfectly suited for direct machine integration.  The aerosol-containing exhaust air flows through a double-stage electrostatic air filter.  During this process, the particles (aerosols) contained in the air are charged, diverted by an electrical field between the collector plates and precipitated.    The voltage applied to the collector and ioniser can be changed enabling adaptation to the specific application (e.g. oil or emulsion etc.).

Regenerative filter elements and then…
The AC 6000-CIP is exclusively fitted with regenerative filter elements. Thanks to the use of these elements in combination with an automatic flushing device, the filters may be cleaned as often as required which eliminates the high disposal and purchase costs for replacement filters.  In excess of this, a consistently high filtration efficiency of >99% as well as permanent operational safety are granted.

…easy to clean
In regular filter operation, cooling lubricant is delivered from the customer’s central system into the intermediate tank of the filter before being heated. The cleaning of the filter may be scheduled or a machine signal may be output to the filter to start the cleaning process, e.g. during downtimes or when changing the machine setup.   In order to reduce oil loss, the shut-off valve to the blower is closed during the cleaning process. Using a high-pressure pump, the filter elements are cleaned via special flushing nozzles. Contaminations are removed due to the heated medium or washed off by the flushing pressure. After the end of the cleaning cycle, the contaminated flushing medium flows back into the central system.  In this way, fresh cooling lubricant may be discharged from the central system as flushing medium during the next flushing cycle.  The cleaning process is programmed and controlled by a PLC. For this reason, the automatic cleaning procedure may individually be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.

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