DB05 fine-boring head with digital display of the adjustment travel

Horn presents tools for pre-drilling, finish boring, axial reduction and reaming pre-machining. The machining benefits of the Supermini® tools when boring out holes measuring 0.2 mm and greater can now also be enjoyed using the DB05 digital fine-boring head.

DB05 fine-boring head with digital display of the adjustment travel.

Holes measuring 0.2 to 14 mm in diameter can be finish-bored in conjunction with the type 105 and 110 Supermini® toolholders and inserts. Use of carbide or steel shafts tipped with ISO indexable inserts allows the working ranges to be expanded to hole diameters from 5.8 to 40 mm.

Easy to adjust
The precision of the DB05 fine-boring heads – which also feature internal coolant supply -comes primarily from the simple balancing. With mechanical balancing for speeds of up to 20,000 rpm, every toolholder/cutter combination can be set to a fine adjustment of 2 µm by adjusting two spacer rings accordingly. This operation is now further simplified by the DAZ display unit, which provides digital display of the adjustment travel. The device – which simply clips onto the head of the spindle tool with a magnetic plug – shows the adjustment travel of the tool edge on the display with µm accuracy. With fine-boring heads featuring an integrated balancing mechanism, balancing is automatic.

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