Alphacam accuracy helps swiss watches keep perfect time

Production engineering solutions required by many leading Swiss watch-makers are installed in their CNC machines when they buy them. Bumotec, based in the tiny Swiss village of Sâles just a few miles from the Prealp mountains, pride themselves on not simply producing standard machines.

Almost every one they supply has been trialled by manufacturing the customer’s parts on it, and comes complete with the Alphacam CNC programs for those parts. All Bumotec machines are adapted to provide specific solutions addressing the individual needs of each customer, ranging from 3-axes to 38-axes, using Fanuc controllers for machines with up to 25-axes and Num controllers for those above 25.

On demand solutions
A number of specialist macros for the watch-making industry have been developed by Alphacam’s Swiss reseller MW Programmation. They include machining perlage (aspects of decoration such as circles, spirals and linear patterns); sequential numbering to automatically generate serial numbers of pieces without needing to change the NC program manually; palpage, which defines exact placement of the piece before machining; and diamond settings, allowing parameters of the amount, size, and space between stones to be input. MW Programmation work closely with Bumotec on every aspect of their customers’ needs, including the macros, post processors, training and a technical support hotline. While Bumotec provide their customers with initial training on Alphacam if they need it, MW have two training rooms at their headquarters in Malleray, in northern Switzerland, where they can tailor both basic and advanced courses to individual customers’ requirements.

Partnership for the customer’s success
Director Marcel Weber gives an example of where they worked directly with a Bumotec customer to address their need for machining parts by following the profile with a specific tool to create a chamfer. “As the main spindle doesn’t have a rotation frequency it had to be angular controlled, so we developed a macro to control this all the way along the part.”

New waveform 3D roughing strategy
A recent addition to Alphacam’s functionality is a new Waveform 3D Roughing Strategy, which Marcel Weber says will be of particular benefit to the watch industry.  “The new high speed machining technique maintains a constant tool cutting load by ensuring consistent tool engagement into the material. The tool moves in a smooth path to avoid sharp changes in direction, maintaining its velocity, dramatically decreasing the machining cycle time.”

MW Programmation SA
Rue Charles Schäublin 2
Case postale 242
CH-2735 Malleray
T. +41 32 491 65 30
F. +41 32 491 65 35
[email protected]

The missing link

Ehn & Land is one of the most successful sales organisation in Scandinavia in the field of microtechnology and high precision machining. Since 2012 the CEO, Ulf Karaker, wanted to broaden his horizon and has successfully created a new sister company, Ehn & Land Asia Pacific (and another one in 2006: Ehn & Land international based in Switzerland).

The 1950’s family owned company has built its success on their motto: “Our customers’ success is our success”. Mr. Karaker says: “We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers. Our goal is to be a natural part of their day-to-day business so that we can provide them with solutions that increase their competitiveness and profitability”.

Asia is growing… with or without us
“A lot of European companies are working in Asia now and they sometimes miss a global partner like us to help them finding and building the best manufacturing solution” says Ulf karaker. He adds: “Dietmar Kogler our CEO for Asia-Pacific has a good track record in Asia and many companies know that they can rely on him to help them”. Nowadays the company is officially representing about 10 Swiss and European companies providing high-end tooling and material and is involved in helping Swiss machine-tools manufacturers in doing business in south-east Asia. “The market is there and companies are more and more demanding of high quality solutions. We are building the Ehn & Land brand in these countries and we are convinced we can play a major role in the success of our customers there” says the CEO.

New business model
Ehn & Land International buys machines, overhauls them and sells them like new machines, with guarantee and even with training and service if needed. The result is clearly not a mere second-hand machine business but a completely new economic model, like a missing link between second-hand machines and new ones.

The machines proposed by Ehn & Land International are high-end machines only (automatic lathes and grinding machines only) and can be delivered worldwide. The CEO says: “Our business is to be with our customers day after day to help them solve their problems and for that we know we want to stick to our concept of high quality machines”. And the business starts to be successful; the company has already sold a few machines in Europe and overseas. Questioned about the relation with machine-tools builders and the competitive aspects on this business model on them, Mr. Karaker explains: “We are not in competition with them, we mainly aim to help people in our network to do business and our volumes are small. Therefore we can help machine-tools builder too”.

To learn more do not miss next issue of Eurotec or contact Ehn & Land

Ehn & Land Asia-Pacific PTE. Ltd.
25 International Business Park
German Centre
Singapore 609916
Dietmar Kogler
[email protected]
Phone +65 6562 7670
Fax +49 172 760 1732

In Switzerland and worldwide
Ehn & Land International
Ehn & Land GmbH
Head office
Chamerstrasse 44, Postfach 844
CH-6331 Hünenberg

Representation office
Route de Boujean 39
P O Box 4207
CH-2500 Bienne 4
Phone. +41 32 341 24 20

“The success of our leading sales team lies in its customer focus as well as our added values such as experience, know-how, high availability and service level”. – Ulf Karaker, CEO

Quick and easy calculation of cycle times and costs for drilling operations

Free from Sandvik Coromant, the new Drilling App for iPhones is designed to offer a quick and easy way for machine shops to calculate cycle times and costs for all drilling and tapping operations. Available now for iPhones from App Store

With efficiency more important than ever in fast moving machine shop environments, there is now a virtually instant method of discovering how long drilling cycles will take, and how much they will cost. Of benefit to engineers, programmers and machinists alike, the Drilling Calculator App is the latest in a line of downloadable Apps from Sandvik Coromant that aim to give better and more informed support to the marketplace.

Quick and easy
With the input of a few simple parameters such as drill diameter, cutting speed, spindle speed and feed rate, the App will provide machine shops not only with reliable data such as cycle times and cost per hole, but with other useful information like ISO tolerances for bore and shaft, and links to online support via YouTube videos or the Sandvik Coromant website.

By experimenting with data, the App highlights how small changes can make a big impact in the results obtained from machines and tooling.

Available in English with metric or imperial values, the Drilling Calculator App is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Simply enter ‘Coromant’ in the App Store search bar or access via a Smartphone using the QR code shown below. The App is supported by iPhones with IOS 5.0 operating software or higher. Sandvik Coromant is already planning enhancements to the app, including the addition of a Reaming Calculator and extending support to Android smart phones.


New manufacturing techniques

Espace Laser 2012, the trade show on new manufacturing techniques, will take place in the exhibition centre of Mulhouse on November 28 and 29, 2012. This event is organized by the Technological Resources Center Irepa Laser whose skills are focused on the implementation of industrial laser manufacturing processes

Last issue’s speed meetings or how to boost partaker’s networks and skills through 7-minute sessions.

In 2012 Espace Laser organises 3 events:
An exhibition entirely dedicated to the new manufacturing techniques
The visitor will find on a same place all the laser production techniques such as welding, marking or micro machining. This will be complemented by the new technologies of additive manufacturing for development and rapid production of complexes and multifunctional parts. Visitors will also be able to discover custom-made products.

High value conferences
The national days for laser processes for the industry organised by ‘’Club Laser et Procédés’’ will offer 33 technical conferences, with French/English simultaneous translation, on the latest advances in the field of laser processes. These will be spread into 4 thematic sessions: Technological Innovation – Additive manufacturing – Energy and transport – Microtechnology.

7 Minutes exchanges organized by the Chambers of commerce of Alsace, the Doubs, Franche-Comté and Belfort regions will be organized to expand the professional network of participants, meet with close potentials or even discover new skills. The concept has already attracted more than 500 business leaders or decision makers on French, Swiss and German territories.

Presented products

  • Laser sources: CO2, YAG, fiber, disk, Diode, excimer, small laser sources…
  • Laser processes: cutting, marking, engraving, drilling, welding, soldering, cleaning, surface treatment, reloading, direct manufacturing (prototyping…)
  • Production: laser machines, machines for rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing machines, robots
  • Components: optical, focus heads, optical fibres, extraction systems, coolers, gas, powder
  • Services: education, systems development, engineering, training, outsourcing, expertise, security
  • Design: CAD, CAM, 3D simulation software
  • Control: non destructive testing, reverse engineering, dimensional, destructive, power measure, joint control, beam monitoring
  • Related finishes: heat treatment, polishing, change of appearance

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Swiss pavilions at Hannover Messe 2013

The Hanover Fair offers a unique platform for entrepreneurial and sustainable industrial actions to an international audience through solutions and innovations. In budgeting period, it may be an important step to plan for 2013.

As every year, Osec organizes joint booths in the “Industrial Supply” and “Research & Technology” halls. New in 2013, you also have the possibility to exhibit under the Swiss Flag on the “IndustrialGreenTec 2013”.

Main assets

  • The SWISS Pavilions will be clearly identifiable by its Swissness and offers a strong presence. With its attractive design it will achieve a high degree of attention, which is the ideal requirement for showcasing customer’s products and innovations.
  • The SWISS Pavilions will be prominently situated, which is the ideal platform to highlight your innovations.
  • The SWISS Pavilions reduces your administrative and organisational workload for your participation and ensures a professional service. The Osec project team will take care of all organisational and administrative arrangements – before, during and after the exhibition (in French and German).
  • The SWISS Pavilions provides an efficient infrastructure and professional services, including a fully equipped exhibition module, serviced hospitality and conference facilities and joint marketing and networking activities.

You can download all the information here:


For more information you can contact Mr. Reto Schoch, project manager with OSEC at Tel. +41-44-400 33 50, Fax +41-44-400 33 51, [email protected]



New versatile high performance drill

CoroDrill 460-XM is a multi-application, high-performance drill that can be used across a wide range of materials. This drill provides high capacity utilization, flexibility and versatility. With one drill for all materials, stock holding can be reduced and greater machine flexibility is offered leading to reduced set-up time.

Sandvik Coromant introduces the new CoroDrill 460-XM, a new multi-application, high performance drill for use across a wide range of materials.

The CoroDrill 460-XM is made from micro-grained carbide for an excellent combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high wear resistance and longer tool life. The coating has a special finishing treatment to reduce coefficient of friction.  The strong web design provides excellent cross-sectional strength that, combined with increased flute volume, enhances chip evacuation. The point angle of 140º is ideally suited for multi-application drilling, with good centering capabilities and low thrust force design.

The drill comes in a standard diameter range of 3–20 mm (0.118–0.787 inch) in drill lengths; 2–5 × drill diameter (DIN 6537 K and DIN 6537 L). Achievable hole tolerance: IT8–IT9 and is available with internal and external coolant.

Easier multi-tool use for sheet metal

New developments in the 2013 release of the sheet metal CAD/CAM software, Radan, provide considerably improved support for multi-tools, meaning they are much easier to use.

Radan General Manager Chris Aston says the traditional way of setting up multi-tools in the machine system data file is cumbersome and time-consuming. However, a major concept change in Radan 2013 provides considerable support for multi-tools. “We take the principle that a multi-tool is a tool, not a turret, which has implications as to how multi-tools are deployed by Radan and configured and manipulated by users. In Radan 2013 multi-tool configurations are deployed by taking the ‘variable (to buy)’ for the machine tool in question”.

“For example, a configuration for a Trumpf machine will have the definitions – the shape and number of stations – of all multi-tools the customer may purchase for their machine tool, without allocating it to a tool station at that time. This is less work-intensive and more flexible than the traditional system of always allocating a multi-tool to a station.” The combination of all enhancements in Radan 2013 provides greater automation while still giving the user manual options if required. It contains key enhancements to the navigational tools, increasing accessibility to functions; along with improved integration of Radband; and the addition of colour making it easier to identify parts, both pre and post production.
Chris Aston says: “Extensive research and ongoing development ensures Radan constantly enables users to gain the absolute maximum performance from their CNC machines and the CAM process for sheet metal, maintaining a competitive edge.”