Flexible grinding center with unique tool change system

With the new 5-axis MFP 100 grinding machine, Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik is expanding its MFP series with an especially versatile and compact version. The machine was presented for the first time at the AMB trade fair and raised high interest.

Mägerle has designed the powerful, robust and dynamic CD grinding and machining center with a spindle power of 50 kW for cost effective multiple machining in a minimum number of set ups. The new machine is suitable for the marching of – among other complex components – large turbine blades, vanes and heat shields.

Clever tool management
In addition to the very compact design and large workspace, its quick and flexible tool changer distinguishes it with a special dual double gripper. In the standard version, the changer can take up to 30 different tools in total – for example 15 grinding wheels and 15 diamond dressing discs for continuous dressing during the grinding process. The maximum grinding wheel size is Ø 300 mm, while that of the dressing rolls is a maximum Ø 160 mm. Any other conceivable tools such as drill, cutter, CBN wheel or measuring probe can also be fitted. As the unique tool change system always replaces two “old” tools with two “new” ones, the tool change is particularly quick. The changer can also be optionally enlarged to take 60 tools. The tool data management has a correspondingly generous design: It can handle up to 500 different tools.

Short tool change times, low costs per piece
The compact design, high performance, short tool change times and versatility of the MFP 100 together with the typical high availability for all Mägerle machine tools result in very low costs per piece. The grinding center is equipped with a 2-axis NC table as standard (optionally 3-axis). For a machine of this size, the installation space with a width of 4.6 m and a depth of 4.0 m is very compact. Nevertheless, surprisingly large workpieces of Ø 615 mm x 547 mm can be machined. Workpieces can be loaded from the front and the top, and the tool changer is conveniently equipped from outside. The ergonomic design of the machine facilitates access to the workpiece, as well as rear access for maintenance.

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