Automatic turning in all it variations

The new SRINT 50 from DMG/Mori Seiki is offered with different modular expansion options, from the 2-turret version with Twin concept through to automatic lathes with 3 turrets and B-axis for production.

Equipped with an additional B-axis with torque drive and Y-axis in the bottom turret, the Sprint 50 makes 6-sided complete machining with a negative angle possible.

The Sprint brand name in the DMG / Mori Seiki portfolio will continue to be synonymous with premium-class high-speed automatic turning, nevertheless the only thing the new machine has in common with its predecessor series is its name. The Sprint 50 has been radically re-designed as a platform concept.

The prelude to a whole new series
Whereby, as an overall project strategy the Sprint 50 simply constitutes the entry into a completely new model platform that will cover all requirements of both kinds of production turning (chuck-held or from the bar) as well as automatic turning (only from the bar).

Up to 51 mm
The general field of action of the Sprint 50 is 6-sided complete machining of workpieces up to 51 mm in diameter with a speed of 7,000 rpm on both the main and the counter spindles. The choice of working either with a chuck or from the bar in this range is in last instance up to the user:  However, generally speaking the 2-turret version will probably be used more for “either or” and the 3-turret model more for bar material in everyday machining processes.

Automatic turning with 3 turrets and (optional) B-axis
The focus of the Sprint 50 in the expansion options with 3 turrets, possible 3 Y-axes and additional (optional) B-axis is on their suitability for mass processing, which covers the ‘classic’ field of action of the previous Sprint models. The generously dimensioned–2.5 ° to +182.5 ° swivel range of the B-axis also makes working at a negative angle possible.

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