The success of cleaning…

To properly clean parts, it is very often necessary to use specific washing baskets. Rimann who took over the “washing basket” activity of UMC in 2011 shows a positive result of this operation and presents very interesting news…

The Kögel PK-Clip modular system allows washing very different parts with the guarantee to not damage them.

With the purchase of the UMC brand Rimann offered the possibility of development, production and supply of tailored washing or treatment baskets. A year ago Mr. Eichler told us: “My customers had no longer any possibility to buy customized baskets and the opportunity arose to take over UMC’s activities. The company was well known on the market, I therefore bought the stock and machines that remained and hired two former specialized technical professionals of UMC”.
He adds: “I am very happy, our activities related to washing baskets have grown well and many customers trust us today. We have a very down-to-earth approach to the problems of our clients and we develop tailor-made solutions”.

Three categories of baskets
To meet the different needs of customers Rimann offers therefore three types of baskets. In addition to its own manufacture of tailor-made baskets including the specialty of fine-mesh (down to 0.03 mm) The company offers a “Rimann” modular system and two lines of products of Kögel the German company: the standard baskets from catalogue and the PK-Clip system.

Custom-made and standard
The Kögel PK-Clip system is very flexible and fits perfectly with the washing of small series of very different parts that should be held individually. But how do you know which plastic support to choose and what are the costs? Mr. Eichler tells us: “When you are interested in the system you receive a complete set of supports so that you can test the most suitable according to the parts to clean and then order the ones you need”. The prices are very reasonable as every plastic support costs less than 50 cents (CHF). Thus each washing solution is tailor-made using standard items!

Rimann has done a lot of investment to increase its reactivity and offer the best quality and it pays off.
To learn more, you can meet with the company’s specialists at the next Prodex on hall 1, booth C17 (and read the article in Eurotec’s next issue).

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