Top platform for grinding technology sharpens the profile of its list of exhibits

It is the international leading platform for Grinding Technology and counts among the most dynamically growing technical trade fairs. Since its première in 1998 the amount of its visitors has increased threefold, and that of the exhibitors fourfold, while the amount of space covered was at the last count seven times the size of that at the first edition.

Next  GrindTec  will take place from  March 19 to 22, 2014 in the Augsburg Trade Fair Grounds, Germany.

In particular the increased enlargement of the selection of exhibits inspired the technical sponsors of the GrindTec – the German Trade Association for precision tool grinders FDPW to restructure and sort the official list of exhibits. With this more strongly accentuated profile the intention is to present a higher depth of choice to the expert visitors.

Clearly defined list of exhibits with nine sub-divisions
In the future sub-divisions will be defining the profile of the GrindTec more clearly.
The sub-divisions are as follow:

  • Grinding machines
  • Tool Processing Systems
  • Technology
  • Peripheral Machinery
  • Processing Technology
  • Process Periphery
  • Management and Planning
  • Education and Research and Development
  • Services

Exhibitors are now to list their exhibits at the same time as placing their applications
So far the exhibitors at the GrindTec were used to sending their application for the trade fair booth, and then only some time later announcing the names of their exhibits. In future it will also be necessary to name the exhibits at the same time as making the application, so that their admission can take place. Any products, which are not explicitly listed, may however be admitted by the organisers after diligent consideration if it transpires that they conform to the newly determined profile of the GrindTec.

AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH
Winfried Forster
D-86159 Augsburg
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Test probes harder, sharper and cheaper with new coating

Harder, sharper and cheaper test probes for PCBs will be the result of a new coating developed by Swedish company Impact Coatings. The alloy, Ultra MaxPhase™, has a Vickers hardness specification exceeding 1600HV, harder than rhodium (600-1000HV) and much harder than gold (150-200HV), the materials currently used for coating test probes.

By coating test probes with two different alloys, a sharper, harder tip can be produced while reducing the cost for the probes.

An Ultra MaxPhase coating follows the profile of the probe surface without developing the brittleness found in rhodium, producing a perfectly sharp tip without roundness. This allows the use of a tip with a harder and sharper profile than is possible with either gold or rhodium, enabling forceful, accurate application as well as precise piercing action, for instance to penetrate cable insulation.

Cost efficient test probes
To optimize electrical conductivity between the plunger and the barrel of the test probe, the plunger sides are coated with a different alloy, Silver MaxPhase™. The material offers the same electrical conductivity and wear resistance as gold, but at a much lower cost. Ultra MaxPhase and Silver MaxPhase are applied to the test probe using PVD (physical vapor deposition). The technique allows coating of the two alloys in the same production process for more versatile and cost efficient test probes.

Coating services and turn-key production equipment
As well as being costly, gold and rhodium are often subject to volatile price fluctuations, while the alloys used in Impact Coatings’ process have stable prices over time. The coating cost can be reduced by 20-50% compared to rhodium or gold, depending on whether the production is outsourced to a coating service or operated in-house. The process has been tested and verified for use on PCB test probes. Impact Coatings provides both coating services of Ultra MaxPhase and Silver MaxPhase and turn-key production equipment for coating on test probes. The coating service is carried out at the company premises in Linköping in south-central Sweden, an area with good communications for transportation worldwide.


For further information, please contact
Impact Coatings AB
Westmansgatan 29
SE-582 16 Linköping, Sweden

Peter Högfeldt, Business Area Manager, Electrical Contacts,
Tel:+46 13 35 95 01
Mob: +46 708 87 44 34
[email protected]

Transparent operating conditions through wireless transmission of production data

The AirGRID transmitter element for mounting on already installed Patlite signal towers gathers and transmits status information from many different types of machines. “Orbit” – the exclusive application software for Windows – sends the data in real time to a central operator.

On machine’s side the wireless application is simply mounted on the topmost LED module of the signal light. The LAN receiver WDR-LE allows transmission of information from up to 20 AirGRIDs to the system controller  and the the data from the AirGRID can also be received on a mobile device –just plug the mobile receiver WDR-U into a laptop.

To optimise operational processes and productivity it is necessary to be able to quickly identify exact machine data, such as running times, down times and maintenance times, in addition to bottlenecks in production. The new AirGRID module, in combination with the analysis software Orbit, significantly facilitates the acquisition and transmission of such information. The only requirement is that the machines in question have to be equipped with Patlite signal towers of type LE and LME. The AirGRID module is simply mounted on the existing signal lights. This is achieved by first mounting the adapter via a central bolt and then plugging the transmitter into the mount. When the unit is connected to the communication network it lights up green; in case of a faulty connection, red. As usual with Patlite, this eliminates the need for cables.

As easily done than said
AirGRID uses international wireless communication standards and records the data from multiple machines quickly and simultaneously. Reliable forwarding of the status information during simultaneous communication is also guaranteed. The system consists of the AirGRID attachment for the signal lights (WDT-6M for LME towers and WDT-5E for LE lights) as well as a mobile USB receiver (WDR-U) and/or a stationary LAN receiver (WDR-LE). There is also a special software bundle (WDS-AE), which in addition to “Orbit”, the main application for data acquisition and storage, includes three additional applications for implementation of different configurations.

Orbit analysis software
Orbit saves the acquired data in CSV format and updates the data as soon as the status changes. The Patlite software also analyses the different operating conditions. Connected to an LED monitor, Orbit facilitates configuration of an Andon board. This visual control system uses self-explanatory icons to visualize the functions and processes of a machine and to display their production status. This gives supervisors a fast overview and keeps them informed about the latest developments. Orbit can also be installed on mobile devices such as iPads, therefore providing access to operating conditions and production data anytime and anywhere.

Worldwide compatibility
The entire WD series is a sensor network in conformity with IEEE802.15.4 telecommunication standards. Its 2.4 GHz frequency can be used anywhere in the world. A special router function always automatically selects the best communication route – even if the layout gets changed. In addition, up to 20 AirGRIDs per receiver can be networked with each other.

Patlite Europe GmbH
Am Söldnermoos 8
D-85399 Hallbergmoos
Tel: +49 (0) 811 9981 9770-0
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Innovative and revolutionary beryllium-free copper alloy

Ampco Metal introduces a new copper-nickel-silicone-chromium alloy developed as an alternative to beryllium copper for industrial applications requiring a combination of strength and high thermal conductivity. These unique properties of Ampcoloy® 944 are attained through specially-developed and proprietary manufacturing processes and complex alloy compositions.

Ampcoloy® 944 inserts used in molds for Automotive industry, beryllium-free.

Indeed, this ground-breaking new copper alloy, Ampcoloy® 944, provides the right balance between an average hardness of 28 HRC and a thermal conductivity of 156 W/m.K, 5 to 6 times greater than P-20 tool steel, 6 to 7 times greater than H-13 tool steel and electrical conductivity of approx. 35% IACS.

To reduce molding time…
Ampcoloy® 944 is the answer to customer needs and requirements to reduce both material scrap and machining time. Typical applications include mold tooling for plastics processing, highly suitable for the injection and blow mold inserts for a wide range of plastics materials due to the alloy very good corrosion resistance to PVC resins as well as excellent results in thermoforming.
Plastics processors rely on Ampcoloy® 944 for cores and cavities, where it reduces molding cycle times, decreases post-mold part distortion, produces more parts per hour, increase design flexibility, remove heat uniformity and improves dimensional stability of the plastic parts.

..and gain service life
Higher hardness also lengthens service life of the mold and lowers machining and production costs, as Ampcoloy® 944 requires no additional heat treatment. Ampcoloy® 944 can be used for applications demanding higher hardness levels as cores, core inserts, cavities-inserts, runner-less molding systems, hot runner nozzles, core pins, blow pins, ejector sleeve core combinations, sprue bushings, neck and tail pinch offs.

Great flexibility
With its great electrical conductivity properties of approx. 35% IACS, Ampcoloy® 944 can also be used in resistance welding applications and Integrated Circuits chips production fields.
Ampcoloy® 944 is available from stock in round rod dia. 1” up to 4” (dia. 25 mm up to dia. 100 mm) and plate up to 4” thick (100mm thickness). Other forms available on request include forged shapes made-to-order and finished-machined parts per customer drawings.

mAm 2013 – 4th edition – Equipment for Microproducts

Following in the success of the first three editions, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting 2013 will continue its focus on equipment for manufacturing microproducts.

This 2 day conference intends to stimulate networking and discussions in the casual atmosphere of Villars, a charming village and ski resort located at 1250 meters of altitude. A selection of invited speakers and presentations will comprise the program.
A small, table-top exhibition will be conducted in parallel for those wishing to promote their company and products.
The conference will take place on a Monday and Tuesday, thus permitting participants that wish to arrive early to take advantage of the proximity to the ski lifts or simply relax for a couple of days in a laid-back alpine setting. A conference dinner on Monday evening at 1800 meters of altitude will add a touch of local charm.

Important information

  • POSTER SESSION : “Next generation Microfabrication and MEMS.  Poster deadline extended to November 29, 2013 (hard deadline) [ link ].
  • mAm 2013 – Table-top Exhibition. A limited table-top exhibition will run in parallel to the conference for companies and organisations that wish to promote at mAm 2013. More details can be seen here. Space is limited to 10 tables and requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Universal hydraulic expansion toolholder starter-kit

Tighter tolerances, lower manufacturing costs, better quality – Tendo E compact is the answer to the increasing demands of volume machining, which can’t be done by ER collet chucks, heat shrinking toolholders, Weldon mountings, or cheap hydraulic expansion toolholders anymore.

At Prodex I discussed with M. Ramp, director of Schunk Switzerland and I discovered the Tendo-E started-kit available till Decembre 20 in Switzerland. This set includes 1 Tendo-E compact, 5x GZB 20 mm diameter, the material to work with (key and tool) all in an exclusive packaging.

Available for everyone
Schunk packed all high-performance parameters into the new hydraulic expansion toolholder and has achieved a modern toolholder which surpasses all the requirements of volume machining. Tendo E compact comes at an amazing price, which helps facilitate the change from a mechanical or heat shrinking toolholder to a high-precision Tendo-quality toolholder.


  • Highest torques, now of up to 900 Nm at a 20 mm Ø with dry clamping conditions, 520 Nm in oily conditions, 2000 Nm at a 32 mm Ø
  • Permanent run-out- and repeat accuracy of less than 0.003 mm
  • The all-rounder for milling, drilling, reaming and tapping
  • Increases tool life of up to 40 %, which results in huge savings
  • Tool change within seconds without peripheral equipment
  • Clamping to the “dead stop”
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio

Still to be discovered at Prodex today !

Im Ifang 12
8307 Effretikon
Fax +41-52-3543130
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Schunk GmbH & Co. KG
Bahnhofstr. 106 – 134
D-74348 Lauffen/Neckar
Tel. +49-7133-103-0
Fax +49-7133-103-2399
[email protected]

Thread milling cutters with 35% discount

At Prodex we met with DC Swiss’ sales and marketing manager Pascal Forrer and his team.  Amongst many products to discover on the show till the end of the week we also learned that all DC’s thread milling cutters are sold with a 35% discount till the end of November.

Operating cycle type GF

Assets of the thread milling cutters

  • The same cutter can be used for right and left hand threads
  • For threads to be cut near to the bottom of blind holes
  • Required tolerance adjustable as per users choice
  • For threads with interrupted cut or with oblique entrance or exit
  • Ideal for deep blind holes (GW)
  • To realise threads in hardened materials (GW, GFH)
  • One only tool for threads of a wide range of diameters with the same pitch (GFM)
  • Time-saving when tool changing and space-saving in the tool carrousel (BFG)

Operating cycle type BGF

Many special executions

  • Spot facing cutter
  • Spot facing cutter and 90° chamfer
  • With 45° circular chamfer for countersinking

To be seen at Prodex till Friday afternoon.

P.O. box 363
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CH – 2735 Malleray
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