Universal hydraulic expansion toolholder starter-kit

Tighter tolerances, lower manufacturing costs, better quality – Tendo E compact is the answer to the increasing demands of volume machining, which can’t be done by ER collet chucks, heat shrinking toolholders, Weldon mountings, or cheap hydraulic expansion toolholders anymore.

At Prodex I discussed with M. Ramp, director of Schunk Switzerland and I discovered the Tendo-E started-kit available till Decembre 20 in Switzerland. This set includes 1 Tendo-E compact, 5x GZB 20 mm diameter, the material to work with (key and tool) all in an exclusive packaging.

Available for everyone
Schunk packed all high-performance parameters into the new hydraulic expansion toolholder and has achieved a modern toolholder which surpasses all the requirements of volume machining. Tendo E compact comes at an amazing price, which helps facilitate the change from a mechanical or heat shrinking toolholder to a high-precision Tendo-quality toolholder.


  • Highest torques, now of up to 900 Nm at a 20 mm Ø with dry clamping conditions, 520 Nm in oily conditions, 2000 Nm at a 32 mm Ø
  • Permanent run-out- and repeat accuracy of less than 0.003 mm
  • The all-rounder for milling, drilling, reaming and tapping
  • Increases tool life of up to 40 %, which results in huge savings
  • Tool change within seconds without peripheral equipment
  • Clamping to the “dead stop”
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio

Still to be discovered at Prodex today !

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