Motorspindle with integrated tool changer

Based near Lugano in Ticino, TDM has been producing and marketing HF electro-spindles for more than 20 years. The company provides synchronous and asynchronous motorspindles to many manufacturers of machines and has a wide experience. We’ve met with Mr. Stefano Baldaccini, Project manager for the new motorspindle with integrated tool changer (multi-tools electrospindle).


TDM has released a spindle of a new type. This is actually a fully integrated complete set consisting of the motorspindle, the tool change system and the tools storage (3 in 1). Compact and ergonomic, it is intended to be installed on all microtechnology means of production like milling centres, turning, grinding, high precision turning, or transfer machines.

To increase the possibilities of machines
Rational and economic solution, the spindle is very compact and is available in several standard sizes. It is simply integrated into the working areas of machines. Mr. Baldaccini explains: “Our new spindle offers a very short tool change time and does not need a very wide space.  So with a single spindle five tools are available. It therefore increases significantly the number of available tools and thus the possibilities of the machines. Often our spindle allows finishing the parts on a single machine by combining operations”. He adds: “On a machine where tool changes are manual like in a universal grinding machine for example, we offer automated tool changing”.

A robust and reliable design…
The selected tool is always in direct contact with the motorspindle. It has no clutch and no gear. The level of vibration generated is therefore very low and impacts directly tools life and bearings life as well as the quality of machining.

…for efficient results
Fully sealed, the new multi-tools electrospindles are extremely dynamic and can reach 80’000 rpm and more depending on the model. Indexing from one tool to another is done in a very short time (between one and two seconds) and the complete replacement of a tool takes less than 10 seconds. The one-piece design allows easy integration on all types of machines.

Optimal working conditions
The motorspindles with integrated tool change are available with many conventional options, e.g. threaded holes, through center cooling and sensors of all types. But the company goes further in terms of customization: “According to the needs and the dimension of the used tool holder we can adjust the size and configuration of the bearings to provide optimal performance without changing our concept” explains the product manager. Thus the working conditions are always perfectly adapted to the needs.

The new spindles with integrated tool changer are available for machine-tools manufacturers who want to equip their new products and are also available as retrofit set comprising the spindle and all its needed peripherals for users of machines.

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