New guide-bush holder available…

In recent years we have reported the development of R. Frein CNC Service. This company started by offering customer service and overhaul for ENC and Deco machines. Last year it opened a new overhaul facility in the industrial zone of Delémont and since that time, machines have flooded there. Today the company presents its own products to complement its offer. Meeting with Mr. Raphaël Frein its Director.
“Every week for years we have been overhauling guide-bush holders for Deco 10 and we‘ve had the idea of developing a new system that is fully compatible, i.e. with the same outer dimensions, but that would enable us to better control overhaul and standard exchange while providing even more security and performance to customers” explains Mr. Frein.

Below 2 µ of bad roundness
The company has overhauled hundreds of guide-bush holders and it perfectly masters the issues. Mr. Frein says: “One of the main problems is the bad roundness which can occur over time. If it reaches 5 µ, a guide-bush holder is good for overhaul”. According to the operations and strains, a standard guide-bush holder could unfortunately derive fairly quickly. For this reason the new guide bush holder designed by R. Frein CNC Service has been built in a totally different way and is designed to ensure a minimal bad roundness, in all cases below 2 µ, and for a long time.

Mechanical adjustment “like in the old time”…
“We started with a clean slate and have developed a new innovative design that includes two guiding bearings plus two precision bearings. In addition, all the parts are grinded and adjusted with each other; we really perform a classical mechanical assembly. As such, the whole is extremely precise and rigid” adds the director. Even the outside of the guide-bush holder has planished surfaces to welcome the branding. Designed and assembled in Delémont, the guide-bush holder is built with parts subcontracted in the region.

…for outstanding results
Developed in order to keep its high accuracy over time, the guide-bush holder is now being tested with several watchmakers customers for which accuracy is mandatory. Mr. Frein says: “Our customers are enthusiastic, not only our system is very accurate and remains stable over time, but it greatly simplify set-ups and adjustments”.

There are more indeed…
This new guide-bush holder has also been designed with user friendliness in mind and the set-up and adjustment has never been so easy…  R. Frein CNC Service also presents some new rotating units and more.

We will come back on this soon (and in any case in next Eurotec’s issue).

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