NX EasyFill Analysis –Moldex3D integrated in NX 8.5

SimpaTec, one of the leading software and engineering partner for the plastic processing industry and reseller of Moldex3D, appreciates to announce that Moldex3D, the leading mold filling simulation technology has been integrated with the latest release of NX™ software, Siemens’ flagship computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) solution.
NX EasyFix_Eurotec
The maximum cooling time shows the estimated cooling time required under the given design and process conditions.

NX EasyFill Analysis will enable the innovative and professional mold filling simulation technologies to further enhance the mold design-to-manufacturing process for users of NX 8.5. Siemens’ PLM software business unit started distributing and supporting NX EasyFill Analysis globally with the release of NX 8.5.

CAE analyses
Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec, stated: “Modern injection molding simulation tools have been recognized to have a great impact on product development and cost management. The key to solve fundamental questions for molding and process optimization is the complete visualization of the process. With the integration of Moldex3D in NX designers are able to directly launch CAE analyses and acquire precise simulation results, such as filling, packing, cooling, warpage, fiber orientation, insert molding, etc., to optimize the product design and producibility. We are looking forward to a close and prosperous cooperation with Siemens PLM Software.”

Check critical factors in the design environement
NX EasyFill Analysis enables designers to easily check potential manufacturing defects without leaving the NX design environment. It helps users tackle significant molding issues more efficiently to optimize gate number/locations, material selection, or process conditions. Additionally, Moldex3D provides more advanced capabilities in its “eDesignSYNC for NX” to support packing, cooling, fiber orientation and warpage predictions. It allows NX users to visualize more critical molding factors and evaluate the results, such as sink marks, overpacking, or thermal displacement and part shrinkage.

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