MD2 Amplifier – and controller module

The digital amplifier – and controller module MD2 has been especially developed for actuating hydraulic valves under extreme ambient conditions. Wherever moisture, vibrations, higher temperatures or fluctuating supply voltages occur, the application of this module is appropriate. It fulfils the requirements of a simple installation and commissioning without the necessity of special programming knowledge.
Wandfluh MD2 Amplifier
The digital amplifier – and controller module is characterised by its robust and compact design. As a result, it is excellently suitable for applications in the mobile field.

Flexible solution
The module is available as a pure amplifier, for actuating proportional – and switching valves, or also in combination with controller functions. With this it is very easy and fast to set the most diverse controllers, such as pressure -, volume flow – or position controllers. For the communication in a modern field bus system, a CANopen interface conforming to the standards is available. The module has digital inputs and outputs as well as powerful PWM outputs for operating the solenoid valves. The digital inputs in addition are capable of processing frequency – or PWM signals without any problems. For processing analogue process signals, up to four analogue inputs with a maximum resolution of 16Bit are available.

Real time follow-up
The device set-up and the process data analysis take place with a very easy to use software called Paso. The connection with the MD2 is made via a USB – interface. By means of Paso all process – and diagnostics data can be viewed or if required recorded in real time. In doing so, the complete signal flow from the control signal input to the solenoid output can be seen with all adjustable and set parameters. In this manner, the parameters can be changed or stored in memory very easily, without losing the overview.

We will come back on Wandfluh solutions in our next issue. This company offers many different Swiss Made valves and hydraulic accessorises and is quite impressive in its way to fight for the Swiss quality.

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