New cutting process

At the next Medtec Europe, Daetwyler Industries will present the microwaterjet system. This high-precision waterjet system revolutionizes the possible applications of this method of processing
We can only get cost-effective solutions while maintaining a high level of quality by optimizing manufacturing. To meet this objective Daetwyler Industries, the Swiss company, will present in Stuttgart a new cutting method that combines the accuracy of EDM wire equipment and laser cutting to the advantages of waterjet cutting.

Many application in medical sector
This technique has many applications in the medical sector, whether to machine specific instruments or implants. Beat Trösch, sales director of MDC Max Daetwyler AG, Bleienbach/Switzerland, describes the advantages of the microwaterjet: “Water jet cutting does not alter the material; its initial structure is preserved”. In addition, this process also allows cutting of new types of materials, for example biocompatible materials. The cutting is carried out without tightening, with a reduced cutting width and without changes in structure/hardening within the part.
The advantages of water jet cutting are particularly important in the medical technology sector because other cutting processes require, in most cases, secondary operations. Laser cutting and EDM both modify surface finish, hence the necessity to rework the parts.

To be seen at Medtec Stuttgart from February 26 to 28.

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