Heat dissipation without turbulence

Coolant circuits place special requirements on the connections and lines used. To meet these requirements, Eisele offers a special product line for coolants – Liquidline – with optimised connections in a full range of sizes and time-proven Eisele quality. Now this product line includes two new components for extra high flow capacities.
The two new Liquidline coolant connections are flow-optimised for extra fast heat dissipation.

Coolant circuits have the task of dissipating heat from applications such as welding processes or power electronics installations. This requires high flow rates in a compact space. Since the flow rates are decisive for the cooling effect, all connections of the Eisele Liquidline have been optimised in this respect for closed fluid circuits. However, certain applications require maximum cooling performance and a very large amount of heat has to be dissipated form the coolant circuit very quickly to prevent failure of expensive components.

20 percent quicker
The only solution is a maximum flow rate. Eisele therefore expanded the Liquidline by designing two energy-optimised coolant connections that exceed the outstanding flow rates of the previous Liquidline connections by an additional 15 to 20 percent. In addition to the existing 45 and 90 degree angle connections, Eisele now offers a connection in which the threads are connected with the release sleeve by means of a 45-degree or a 90-degree angle piece made of copper pipe.

Perfect sealing
If in addition to the flow rate an especially good seal of the connections is decisive, the plug-in connections of the Liquidline 2400 series with two seals are the right choice. They are so reliable that they can even be used directly in the control cabinet or cleanroom and are designed for operating pressures from -0.95 to 24 bar, in some applications even up to 100 bar. For cooling water applications with low pressure from -0.95 to 16 bar are with the series 2600 of the Liquidline simpler plug-in connections with release sleeve and only one seal available. They are also suitable for vacuum.

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