Safe-λock™ increases productivity during roughing

The demand for heavy-duty cutting is standard in the aerospace and energy industries. Tool producers have historically reacted to these requirements with advancements on materials, coatings and geometries. ATI Stellram is now releasing solid carbide end mills with the Haimer Safe-λock™system to the market.
Haimer_ATI Stellram_Eurotec
XE, XER and RSM Aerospace solid carbide end mills from ATI Stellram will be available with the new pull out protection Safe-Lock™ that has been developed from the tool holding specialist Haimer (Picture: ATI Stellram).

ATI Stellram has designed its XE, XER and RSM aerospace end mills specifically for these industries. The new geometry of ATI’s solid carbide tools provides improved stability and vibration dampening with a nano-composite PVD-coating for high performance machining.

Safe-λock™ pull out protection
To unlock the full potential of their high-performance, solid carbide mills, ATI Stellram has added another innovation: the Haimer-developed and patented Safe-λock™ pull out protection. Through special design features in the tool and the tool holder, both a friction fit and positive lock is achieved.
This design helps prevent rotation, or even pull out, of the miller during heavy-duty cutting. The combination of pull out protection and high run out accuracy enables reduced vibrations and very efficient machining. Chip removal rate can be increased up to 100% through improved cutting depths and feed rates. Cutting tool wear can be reduced in a similar manner.

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