To solve power supply problems

Nowadays the mastery of power supply goes through high-performance devices that guarantee that the desired power is provided reliably and continuously. In demanding areas such as surface treatment and noble material coating, for example, being able to finely manage power supply is an absolute necessity. We met with Mr. Eric Aumeunier Director and Frank Vaccaro, commercial responsible at Micronics Systems, a French manufacturer of current rectifiers, stabilised power supplies and on-demand special generators.
The new human-machine interface developed by Micronics Systems allows management and simplified power monitoring.

Since 1989, Micronics Systems manufactures, designs and develops current rectifiers. It was the first French company to produce current rectifiers using switching mode power supply technology.

Third generation, more effective…
In 2012, Micronics Systems has developed a new range of stabilised power supplies of 3rd generation: Microlab rectifier. More efficient, more accurate, more long-lasting, more compact, more user-friendly, they are also more respectful of the environment.
A new touchscreen interface provides programming and centralized management of the rectifiers and power supplies without any other external link. This touch interface replaces pleasantly displays, timers and other meters of previous generations.

…and more user-friendly
This new interface allows setting, reading and archiving of all information backed up during its use. It meets the compatibility with digital management protocols such as, among others, RS 485, Ethernet or LAN.
It will also equip the range of pulse generators produced by Micronics Systems. Mr. Vaccaro says: “Our Research & Development department is willing to integrate the latest technology and continuously improve materials by permanent innovation demanded by the competition”.

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