Extruded aluminum finned tubes

Visoka has increased its production output of high efficiency finned tubes. They have commissioned a new CNC rolling plant. Their high fin tubes production is now better controlled through this innovative development.
These Mono and Bi-metallic high finned heat exchanger tubes give excellent thermal transfer results for a variety of applications. Most popular are Air Fin Coolers (AFC), Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC), air pre-heaters dryers, chillers and exhaust gas heat recovery for boilers. Many other uses like intercooling and convection heating are now within reach for the energy, oil, gas, wood, pulp, drying and other industries.

Fin diameters from 38 to 83 mm and with 6 to 12 fins per inch can be produced in lengths up to 18 meter with the new extrusion equipment, which was developed within Visoka’s own engineering division. As specialists with almost twenty years of production development, Visoka can rely on a vast experience in international markets.


Vericut® software reaches 25 year milestone

CGTech, the developer of Vericut software, is proud to celebrate a quarter-century of leading the development of numerical control (NC) program simulation and analysis software. Flourishing through an era when software companies came and went, CGTech has achieved twenty-five years of innovation and steady growth.
CGTech began when Jon Prun, the company’s founder and president, recognized a need to verify NC tool path programs without wasting valuable CNC machining time on a prove-out part. CGTech then created Vericut® software: the world’s first widely available, productive method to test NC machine tool paths, without using a machine tool. Vericut revolutionized NC program verification by simulating material removal using a three-dimensional solid model.

Shared success
“We wouldn’t be in a position to celebrate 25 years of business without the loyal support of all those who use Vericut,” says Prun. “Vericut development is driven by our customers’ needs, and we always welcome feedback from users and partners. It is the reason we host nearly 40 free Vericut user group meetings each year.”

Seamless flow of improvement
Since its initial release, Vericut has been constantly enhanced in-house by a large team of CGTech software engineers who have many years of experience in the mechanical CAD/CAM industry. In addition to regular enhancements to its core algorithms, products have been added to optimize feed rates and simulate the kinematics of complex multi-axis and multi-spindle CNC machine tools. CGTech has also recently released new products for companies utilizing automated composite machinery, and drilling and fastening machines.

Worldwide presence
CGTech has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, and its customer list consists of thousands of companies in virtually every manufacturing industry, including every major aerospace and automotive company. Wholly-owned subsidiary companies have been founded in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Singapore, India, and Brazil to directly support customers, resellers, and partners worldwide.

France – CGTech S.A.R.L.
Les Passerelles, 104 avenue Albert 1er
92500 Rueil-Malmaison
Phone +33 1 41-96-88-50
FAX +33 1 41-96-88-51
[email protected]

Germany – CGTech Deutschland GmbH
Neusser Landstr. 384
D-50769 Cologne
Phone: +49 221-97996-0
FAX +49 221-97996-28
[email protected]

CGTech worldwide

Fibre-coupled laser technology

Z-Laser, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, presents fibre-coupled laser systems. Its newly developed “ZFSM” laser systems utilise the inherently superior optical properties of fibres.
This new product is especially suitable for applications with highest requirements in projection accuracy that is demanded in industrial machine vision and medical application.

Optical properties of fibres are superior compared to bare laser diodes in terms of the beam profile (M² ~ 1.05) and the geometry of the dispersion. ZFSM yields small and perfectly round spots for point projection optics and thinner, more homogeneous lines with line generator optics. (e.g. 8µm at 30mm working distance, 1/e² and ± 5% line homogeneity).

Innovative design
ZFSM separates the optics by an optical fibre from the laser source with its electronics harness. The heat generated by electronics and laser source has no more direct influence on the optics (high projection stability). The optic can be located up to several meters away from the laser source. For applications with high ambient temperatures, for example the measurement of red-hot steel, the lifetime of the laser diode is significantly increased. By using standard fibre connectors the projection optics can be changed within a running system.

OEM solution
ZFSM is offered as pure OEM solution with bare electronics module, a fixed fibre and attached optics module or comes as a housed laser source with driver electronics and standard fibre connection. The customer can insert easily his own fibre application or use ZFSM fibre and optics accessories. Due to fibre coupling, the module can be scaled arbitrarily. For example, multiple laser sources (RGB) can be controlled individually and then be coupled in one or more fibres.

Z-Laser Optoelektronik GmbH
Merzhauser Str. 134
79100 Freiburg
Tel.: +49 / 761 / 296 44 – 44
Fax: +49 / 761 / 296 44 – 55
[email protected]

Scalable functional safety architecture for CNC machine builders

NUM has released a sophisticated system-wide functional safety architecture for its CNC system, providing an exceptionally scalable solution that can be applied very easily to almost any type of machine tool – regardless of complexity or number of axes. Known as NUMSafe, it includes a dedicated safety PLC, safe input and output modules, and digital servo drives with built-in safe motion monitoring. It is compatible with NUM’s new-generation Flexium+ CNC platform.
According to NUM’s Chief Technical Officer, Massimiliano Menegotto, “Functional safety is becoming a mandatory requirement for most types of machine tool, independent of the machine’s performance, accuracy and complexity. As well as improving operator safety, it also increases machine productivity and availability”.

Integrated safety functionality
Until relatively recently, designers wishing to implement even basic functional safety schemes on CNC machines were forced to use electromechanical safety technology such as special contactors and relays. This approach involved significant extra component and wiring costs, as well as increased machine development and build times. By integrating safety functionality across the entire CNC platform NUMSafe minimizes the need for additional hardware and simplifies software development, to OEM’s considerable advantage. Furthermore, end users benefit from a strong increase in machine productivity because it is no longer necessary to power off the complete machine every time there is an element of human interaction; instead, protection can be ensured by dedicated functions which limit the movement, speed and position of axes.

Same programming
To help machine builders minimize development time the application programs for the safety PLC are created using the same suite of powerful software tools that is used to commission the entire system, including the CNC, PLC, drives and I/O modules. The logic of the safety application is programmed using function blocks such as ‘E-Stop’, ‘Operation Mode’, ‘AND’, ‘OR, etc, linked to safe inputs and outputs.

All included
A cost-saving benefit of NUM’s safety architecture is that there is no need for an additional encoder on machine axes that implement safety functions. Motor feedback can be derived from safe encoders which return position and redundant position data to the drive using a secure certified protocol, or, in the case of synchronous motors, any standard sin/cos encoder.

Battenhusstrasse 16
CH-9053 Teufen
Phone  +41 71 335 04 11
[email protected]

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New paper issue on its way
I take advantages of this post to inform you that our next issue is on its way and you can download it here. Its content? A lot of articles on microtechnology. Have a look:

Schaublin machines: integrated production solution
Tornos: the watchmaking machine of the future
Affolter : microtechnology: to cut larger size

Frein CNC Service : several guide bush holders every week…
Innotools : ISO inserts available from stock
TDM: multi-tools motorspindle

Microniocs systems : to solve power supply problems
Wandfluh : a flawless service at any times

Motorex : a million times precisely

NGL Cleaning Techhology: quality vibratory finishing

Estoppey-Reber: at dawn of new treatments…

Proto Labs : injection moulding parts

Obal: outsourcing success story

Control 2013, Stuttgart
Hannover Messe 2013, Hannover
Medtec 2013, Stuttgart

I wish you a good reading and full success in the microtechnology world!







2013 the Turning Days will be held in duplicate for the first time

From raw material to lathes, from tools via accessories right up to finished turned and milled parts — this is what the Turning Days™ in South Germany have involved since 2004! The event takes place in the centre of the turned parts industry. In 2013, in addition to the venue in Villingen-Schwenningen, the trade fair for turning technology is planned in Dortmund.
The trade fair serves as a deliberately narrow-focused platform with maximum information value for turning technology with all upstream and downstream as well as integrated production processes. This is also reason enough to place the trade fair in Germany’s second large turned parts cluster in North Rhine-Westphalia as well. This is why the Turning Days™ North will be held for the first time in Dortmund from 12 to 14 June 2013.

Turning days Sud
The trade fair is continually growing in terms of occupied exhibition area as well as number of attendees. In the meantime, the Turning Days™ have assumed a firm place in the trade fair calendar of many firms in the industry.  This year’s event is already fully booked even if the available space has increased compared to previous issue. About 270 exhibitors will await the more than 5’500 planned visitors.

Turning Days North
What distinguishes the Turning Days North from the broadly applied concepts of internationally established trade fairs for production technology is its targeted focus on an emphasis within the sphere of machining technology: turning technology and turned parts production. Another unique selling point of the trade fair is its user-oriented as well as deliberate regional orientation of exhibitors towards the North Rhine-Westphalia catchment area.

We will come back on the subject later…

Focus and dedication

Last week the Studer motion meeting took place. This event is the yearly meeting point for Studer’s agents from all around the world to come to Thun and be informed and trained on the latest hot topics of the company. This year event didn’t show any new machine but was focused on Studer’s philosophy around Swiss (high) quality. And what a pleasure it was to see such focus and dedication.
Studer motion_Eurotec
The management of Studer at the press conference held at the motion meeting, from left to right: Peter Weber, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Gerd König, Supply Chain Management, Production and Studer Systems, Dr. Gereon Heinemann, Technology divisions and Fred Gaegauf, CEO, Controlling, Human Resources and Quality Management.

This year’s motto for the annual Studer Motion Meeting was “Combined competence for mutual success”. Competence is an ability to act independently and creatively in unexpected situations. If we combine competence with teamwork, this is a sure factor for success. It is only through constantly nurturing and developing these two components that Studer has succeeded time and again in achieving its goals together with its sales partners.

Average is not enough
To succeed in nowadays’ competitive environment doing like others is not enough and just not an option for Studer. Everything is set up to strive for excellence; the company does not compromise on quality or anything. They produce Swiss Made machines and solutions and they know that customers are ready to pay more only if the value also offers more. And it is successful! Studer has continued to hold up very well in the past year, against expectations concerning the strong Swiss franc, and has increased even further in comparison with 2011. Incoming orders for the whole company were improved by 15 %, and sales by around 20 %.

Quality is everywhere
Visiting the factory we discover a very modern plant, large, aerated, well lighted and extremely clean. Production is split in production islands including all the necessary skills to do and check the parts. In order to increase the quality of its machine Studer recently invested in the most accurate machine ever produced by Dixi. The machine is now working after a few months of installation and results are just astounding.

Adding value
Traditional value creation is no longer enough to compete on the market today. Studer has therefore continued to develop its company philosophy PuLs – Precision and passion. “Our priorities are to develop our employees’ creative potential, to improve cooperation in our dealings with each other, enhance work quality, as well as to increase work productivity and improve working conditions.”

And what about machines?
The company didn’t say a lot about news for EMO, nevertheless, novelties based on “non-classical” added value will probably be released. The S41 that has met great successes on the market could also possibly be declined on a smaller size (we will come back on Studer soon).

Fritz Studer AG
CH-3602 Thun
Thunstrasse 15
CH-3612 Steffisburg
Phone +41 33 439 11 11
Fax+41 33 439 11 12
[email protected]