Energy efficiency as major trend

The Hannover Messe preview took place last week in Hannover and I was lucky to be there to discuss with some exhibitors and the organisers. It was amazing to see that at least half of the companies I visited talked about energy efficiency. It is still a major trend, let’s see an example.
Kaeser_Eurotec_Hannover Messe
In any workshop people are using compressed air and most of the time that resource is seen as necessity evil and anyhow not a topic top deal with to add value to the company…. things may be seen differently though.

Energy-saving innovation
I’ve met with Kaeser Kompressoren specialists and I’ve learned that actually there are a lot of savings to do with compressed air.
The company will unveil new models at Hannover Messe with innovative energy-saving solutions like refined flow optimised rotors and the use of prime efficiency motors for instance. Their Sigma Air Manager is able to deal with several machines and allows its user to precisely adapt compressed air management and then reduce consumption. But there is more!

Compressed air audit
A complete new service is about to be launched largely. It consists of small devices put on every machine dealing with compressed air in a factory… these tools send all information about consumption and use of compressed air through Internet… Kaeser offers then its expertise and the right analysis tool to propose a better use of the compressors in use. Only that step allows companies to save a lot of energy (and money indeed). This solution works with Keaser compressors but also with any other brand. And customers buy results! The audits allow Kaeser’s experts to guarantee a certain level of saving. ROI can be precisely planned.

We will come back on that important issue very soon, stay tuned.

Meanwhile you can discover these amazing tools here:

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