Focus and dedication

Last week the Studer motion meeting took place. This event is the yearly meeting point for Studer’s agents from all around the world to come to Thun and be informed and trained on the latest hot topics of the company. This year event didn’t show any new machine but was focused on Studer’s philosophy around Swiss (high) quality. And what a pleasure it was to see such focus and dedication.
Studer motion_Eurotec
The management of Studer at the press conference held at the motion meeting, from left to right: Peter Weber, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Gerd König, Supply Chain Management, Production and Studer Systems, Dr. Gereon Heinemann, Technology divisions and Fred Gaegauf, CEO, Controlling, Human Resources and Quality Management.

This year’s motto for the annual Studer Motion Meeting was “Combined competence for mutual success”. Competence is an ability to act independently and creatively in unexpected situations. If we combine competence with teamwork, this is a sure factor for success. It is only through constantly nurturing and developing these two components that Studer has succeeded time and again in achieving its goals together with its sales partners.

Average is not enough
To succeed in nowadays’ competitive environment doing like others is not enough and just not an option for Studer. Everything is set up to strive for excellence; the company does not compromise on quality or anything. They produce Swiss Made machines and solutions and they know that customers are ready to pay more only if the value also offers more. And it is successful! Studer has continued to hold up very well in the past year, against expectations concerning the strong Swiss franc, and has increased even further in comparison with 2011. Incoming orders for the whole company were improved by 15 %, and sales by around 20 %.

Quality is everywhere
Visiting the factory we discover a very modern plant, large, aerated, well lighted and extremely clean. Production is split in production islands including all the necessary skills to do and check the parts. In order to increase the quality of its machine Studer recently invested in the most accurate machine ever produced by Dixi. The machine is now working after a few months of installation and results are just astounding.

Adding value
Traditional value creation is no longer enough to compete on the market today. Studer has therefore continued to develop its company philosophy PuLs – Precision and passion. “Our priorities are to develop our employees’ creative potential, to improve cooperation in our dealings with each other, enhance work quality, as well as to increase work productivity and improve working conditions.”

And what about machines?
The company didn’t say a lot about news for EMO, nevertheless, novelties based on “non-classical” added value will probably be released. The S41 that has met great successes on the market could also possibly be declined on a smaller size (we will come back on Studer soon).

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