Sharpening with coating service included

Guhring (Switzerland) SA, the precision tooling manufacturer, has recently opened a new sharpening and coating centre in Switzerland, what has just confirmed the Director, Markus Blum to Eurotec.
View of a coating machine for the new subcontracting coating activity of Gühring Switzerland.

This new service centre allows effectively sharpening and coating special tools with advanced precision technology. The company is able to coat small batches and its systems are designed in such a way to be able to simultaneously apply four different layers. The maximum size of the parts to be coated goes to tools with tails of diameter up to 20 mm and a maximum length of 300 mm

As efficient as a new tool
The director states: “It’s renewable coating. Because geometries of the tools become more and more specific, it is important for us to work with the original sharpening programs of the tools. This is our way to guarantee our customers the best cuts. The re-sharpened tools should be as effective as a new tool. It is a novelty in Switzerland. From now on, we are expanding the scope of our services and we also offer coatings for workpieces. For us, coating is a new very interesting area, with great potential”.

Specificities of the Swiss market
Eurotec wanted to know, what were the reactions of the German headquarter. Mr Blum says: “Our headquarter knows that the requirements of the Swiss market aren’t the same as in Germany. In Switzerland, we hardly work for the automotive industry, therefore, we are dealing with smaller lots, of more specific materials with more complex geometries, which requires high precision technology. We have already successfully developed tailor-made solutions with our Swiss customers”. The Director concludes: “Finally, let me give you an example, how to save money: If other manufacturers complain because of the high price of carbide, Guhring proposes an exchange programme; new against old and offers the coating of RT-100U, FIRE 25 mm diameter carbide mill for only CHF 192.40 instead of CHF 370.00, price for a new tool”.
Application of the coated RT100U Fire mill.

Gühring (Schweiz) AG
Grundstrasse 16
Postfach 242
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Tel.+41 41 798 20 80
Fax +41 41 790 00 50
[email protected]

New player in microtechnology

If the world of microtechnology is regularly under the spotlights by the arrival of novelties and business transformations, it is quite rare that a piece of news could change the competitive landscape in a radical way. This may well be a consequence of the strategic evolution of VFM Machines in Brügg (Switzerland). Meeting in the premises of the company with Mr. Natalino Valsangiacomo, one of the three founders and Mr. Roland Gutknecht who took over the management of the company at the beginning of this year.
The Mega S machine is the fourth generation of Roku-Roku hyper accuracy machining centres. VFM is the only European distributor.

Founded in 1998, the company is the Swiss dealer of many European and Japanese machine tool manufacturers, mainly for grinding, milling and turning solutions. The product range mainly consists of very high-tech machines. Since 2013, the company has clarified its product portfolio and redirects its offer to three specific areas: 1) general mechanics and construction of machines, 2) precision mechanics and 3) microtechnology and watchmaking.

Important market… and in need of solutions
In microtechnology, the current VFM product range addresses machining needs for prototypes and small series of very high precision (milling with Roku-Roku and turning with Samsung; we will come back on it later). Mr. Gutknecht says: “The evolution of needs toward still more precision and innovation pushes watch manufacturers (for example) to find machines with a level of quality and precision that enable them support their innovations”. These needs are more often linked to the R&D departments of the manufacturers and therefore not directly dependent on the level of production in these companies. It is a very demanding market and always moving upwards even in areas where the level of production is stagnating. Mr. Valsangiacomo adds: “It is a niche in the niche and luckily we know the market well and have solutions to offer”.

A surprising level of accuracy
VFM is the only European reseller of Roku-Roku, the Japanese brand of micro fine machining centres. This SME of 250 people is recognized in Japan and in the United States for the precision of its machines, used especially in the electronic field. Mr. Valsangiacomo says: “When I saw the results of the tests, I couldn’t believe in it”. For example in micro-machining for optical, surface finish reached 0,0518 µm Ra. Another example, in a series of micro-drills, the step between the various holes was 0.038 mm with a tolerance of +/-0.0025 mm.

More than convincing performance
Let’s see some features of the Mega S machine by Roku-Roku.

  • Drilling: diam. 0.03 mm
  • End milling: R 0.05 mm
  • Hole grinding: diam. 0.1 mm
  • Precision
  • Positioning accuracy (X, Y, Z): +/-0.2 µmm
  • Repeatability (X, Y, Z): +/-0.1 µmm
  • Circularity: 0.9 µmm

To be discovered in our next issue.

VFM Machines SA
Industriestrasse 26
Case postale 217
2555 Brügg BE
Tél. 032 374 35 45  Fax 032 374 35 49
[email protected]



Screw-in cartridges M42x2 for large volume flows

A complete programme of proportional screw-in cartridges of the size M42x2 is now available in the Wandfluh standard programme. This comprises spool valves, pressure valves as well as flow valves. The valves are designed for maximum pressures of up to 400 bar. With volume flows of up to 400 l/min, they are optimally suitable for controlling large consumers.

Wandfluh has many years of experience in proportional technology, and with the actuating of Wandfluh proportional amplifiers and controllers, thanks to their high resolution and low hysteresis the valves are suitable for demanding applications, not only in the industrial and mobile hydraulics.

Simplified logistics
The exchangeable coil significantly simplifies the logistics, because the solenoid coil can also be retrofitted. The various alternatives make the proportional screw-in cartridges a very flexible system. Different plug – voltage alternatives are available ex stock and are complemented with respect to individual adaptations – with the customary Wandfluh flexibility. In addition, the performance of the valves has been increased by the improved solenoid coil. Therefore also ambient temperatures of up to 70°C can be accepted without any performance loss. With the improvement of the corrosion protection of the solenoid coil, depending on the version, the valves achieve a salt-spray resistance of over 500h.

Wandfluh AG
CH-3714 Frutigen
Phone +41 33 672 72 72
Fax +41 33 672 72 87
[email protected]

A sixth sense in production

Faster, more precise and more efficient: Production facilities are under increasing pressure to reduce wastage and machine downtime while operating at an increasingly fast rate. Inline measuring technology gives systems a sixth sense – for preventive detection of errors, monitoring of tolerances and integrated process control.
Transmissions in a car factory
Inline measuring technology is directly integrated into ongoing production processes and provides real-time information about all the relevant machine data that is classed as critical in the process analysis.

For a number of years, production machines have been evolving extremely rapidly: from what was once a purely productive unit, they have since been transformed into strategic sources of information, and they have a direct impact on the level of productivity. The targeted use of sensors and measuring technology has a positive effect on the entire production chain: the machine running time is fully utilised, wastage is prevented, service lives can be planned and procurement processes optimised.

Inline measuring technology to the service of quality
What use is volume if the quality is not right at the end? This is where inline measuring technology can help. As we can tell from the name, inline measuring technology is directly integrated into ongoing production processes and provides real-time information about all the relevant machine data that is classed as critical in the process analysis. The status of machine components is recorded, e.g. using a data logger: for example, vibrations of roller bearings or ball bearings are recorded over a longer period to give an accurate picture of the status.

Huge potential cost savings
Overall, inline measuring technology offers manufacturing companies considerable potential cost savings and competitive advantages. Due to the severe environmental exposure in production facilities, the choice of inline measuring systems has a decisive impact on the smooth running of production if we take into consideration the fact that systems are used for a number of years.

To be discovered more in detail in Eurotec’s next issue.

Addi-Data GmbH
Airpark Business Center
Airport Boulevard B210
77836 Rheinmünster
Tél. : +49 7229 1847-0
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PartMaker SwissCAM: continuous innovation

We’ve met with Hanan Fishman responsible for Parmaker in the US (part of Delcam) to discuss the evolution in the past few years. The technological improvements in PartMaker over the past 8 years have been remarkable.
PartMaker’s Advanced Surface Machining (ASM) module features very unique 4 and 5 axis simultaneous milling capability including the specialist “spine finishing” strategy which is ideal for making complex parts like angulated abutments in small batches without the need for form tools or expensive angled attachments.

Headlining some of the major improvements made to the software during this time are:

  • Development of new, advanced surface machining software for 3, 4 and 5 axis simultaneous machining.
  • Release of the “Full Machine Simulation” module for performing virtual reality like 3D machining simulations before committing an NC program to the machine
  • Improvements in solids-based CNC programming.
  • Creation of the PartMaker Modeling application for creating 3D models as well as modifying poor quality 3D data and manipulating “dumb” 3D models
  • Introduction of the PartMaker Documentation Wizard for the automatic creation of highly vivid set-up and process documentation

Supporting the Needs of a Changing Industry
Perhaps the biggest change since 2005 has been the continued change in the Swiss-turning industry in general. PartMaker has focused its development to help its customers cope with these changes. The major fundamental changes in the industry over the past decade have been:

  • Reduced lots sizes
  • Shortage of skilled labor
  • Shorter lead times
  • Increased part complexity
  • Growing popularity in 3D “solid modeling” for mechanical designs

A tool for everyone
PartMaker has reacted to these trends by making the software more capable for advanced users, while continuing to focus on making it easier to use for new users.  A good example of how PartMaker has become easier to use are the improvements made to the software’s user interface in recent releases, where getting around the software has been made faster with more vivid graphics and icons. The software has also been made significantly more capable with improvements to its core machining algorithms, allowing PartMaker to make calculations for more complicated geometries and tool paths faster.

Hanan Fishman
PartMaker Inc.
A Division of Delcam Plc
Ph: 215-643-5077 x 304
Fax: 215-653-0105
[email protected]



Customised product, mass produced price

A “Metal meets Medical” conference to discuss potentials in manufacturing operations will take place on April 11, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main.

VDW_W.Schäfer_eurotec“Innovative medical products help doctors to respond more effectively to their patients’ wishes; modern-day production technology ensures that patients’ individual requirements are both reliably and affordably met” says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Added value event
How in future in this balancing act potentials in production operations can be even better upgraded will be discussed by doctors medical technology producers, machinery manufacturers and researchers at the second “Metal meets Medical” conference in Frankfurt am Main on 11 April 2013. It will be hosted by the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), Frankfurt am Main, together with the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Darmstadt University.

A market full of potential
With a volume of around 300 billion euros, and still rising, the market for medical technology is growing dynamically. According to the VDW’s latest customer structure survey, the machine tool industry is meanwhile delivering about two per cent of its production output to this customer grouping. And: the total value of the machines sold has tripled within the four years up to 2011 alone. Which means the rapidly expanding market for medical technology is now much more than an insider’s tip.

High-quality customisation at affordable prices
“The order of the day in medical technology is high-quality customisation at affordable prices”, comments Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW. “At our conference, top-ranking experts will be discussing how the principles of series production can also upgrade potentials in a highly individualised market”, he adds. The event is themed around the requirements of doctors and medical technology producers, and will be showcasing solutions with various machining and metrological processes used in manufacturing prostheses, in dental technology and in producing implants.

“Metal meets Medical” conference themed around “potentials for manufacturing”

  • 11 April 2013
  • Frankfurt am Main, Niederrad, VDMA Building

Niklas Kuczaty, VDW, Tel. +49(0)69 756081-48,
Registration: [email protected]

New 5-finger gripper

Schunk has optimized its 5-finger hand concept study. The motor controllers have been completely integrated in the wrist of the latest anthropomorphic gripper hand, and therefore very compact solutions are available now.
Fingerhand_Schunk_Eurotec copie
On option, the 5-Finger Hand from Schunk (Photo: used on a Powerball Lightweight Arm LWA 4P) can be controlled via Profibus or CAN-Bus.

Via defined interfaces, the gripper hand can be connected with the lightweight arm, which is already on the market. For mobile applications, the energy supply of the 5-finger hand requires a battery-servable 24 V DC. In the first version the hand is controlled via a serial Bus. Now the gripper hand is available as a left and right hand version. It is amazing how much it resembles its human model in size, shape, and mobility.

Like a human hand
By means of nine drives, its five fingers can carry out various gripping operations. Moreover, numerous gestures can be constituted, whereby the visual communication between human and service robot is simplified, and the acceptance for applications in the human environment are increasing. The use of tactile sensors in the fingers will grant the necessary sensitivity of the gripper hand for mastering gripping and manipulation tasks even in unstructured and unforeseeable environments. Elastic gripping surfaces ensure a reliable hold of the gripped objects.

Schunk at Hannover Messe
Like last year at AMB, Schunk will host an event with Jens Lehmann, goalkeeper and brand ambassador of the company: The no.1 in precise gripping and concentrated secure holding. To learn more it’s here.

Hall 17 Stand E28

Schunk Intec AG
Im Ifang 12
8307 Effretikon
Fax +41-52-3543130
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Hannover Messe 2013