SwissNano –a full commitment to the next generation

The machine-tools manufacturer today launched its new SwissNano machine in Moutier. Different, dynamic, futuristic, the SwissNano is a break with tradition.
With this machine, Tornos aims to meet the needs of the watchmaking industry. Backed by its wish to promote the image of the mechanical professions, the company is using this radically different machine to reinforce its commitment to the training of young people in Switzerland.

Working for the future of industry
Bar turning for watchmaking has undergone major expansion in the region in recent years. To contribute to the future of this profession, Tornos aims to reinforce its collaborations in the coming months by using its new SwissNano product as a platform for safeguarding the expertise and future of bar turning for watchmaking as an asset to the micromechanics industry. This commitment to training is essential for the machine-tools manufacturer.

The company developed a special website to discover SwissNano.


A few pictures of this morning’s event.

The company seems to be on an uprising trend, its new SwissNano already gathered a lot of positive feedback from companies having seen it in avant-première. The presentation is very well done and the whole company is behind this new product.
The machine was presented with about 30 young people from the mechanical schools aiming to train watchmaking workers of tomorrow.
Three televisions and dozens of magazines and newspapers were in Moutier to discover what the company calls “a major innovation in this field”.
M. Hauser CEO seems tall besides the machine… in fact the machine is actually quite small and aims to replace a cam machine 1:1. He praised the team that was able to develop this new machine in about one year. The result is fully adapted to the market.
The machining area is accessible from all around the machine, a huge asset for set-up and work.
Brand new design for a product that includes many novelties (also in term of service).


The machine is available in many colours: Green Acid, Blue ocean, Purple grapes, Pink diva, Red passion, Yellow summer, Black graphite and Orange pumpkin. For those who would like to stick to the classical blue of Tornos, it’s possible. The standard colour is Black graphite.


We will come back on this machine later. Meanwhile you can read the article published on Eurotec here (English/French/German).