Precisely measured

Based on the Völklingen Ironworks site, a UNESCO world heritage site, itp is ideally situated as a precision metal-working company. Here, around 50 employees produce measuring-technology components with high-performance Motorex Ortho NF-X cutting oil, which can be used universally.
The smallest measuring probe has a probe ball with a diameter of only 0.5 mm at the tip. This was drilled and mounted onto the shaft, which is only 0.17 mm wide. This demands the highest degree of precision (Picture (c) itp).

Quality inspection is a significant part of every product. During the industrial production of components for a wide range of technical sectors (automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, etc.), individual components are measured again immediately after production, in some cases directly in the production centre, before subsequent processing.

Always the right probe
The range of probes used is virtually unlimited. For example, in addition to conventional probes, itp also produces star probes, cylinder probes, disc probes, extensions, holders, adapters, etc. In the past, a lot of aluminium was used, but today, 90% of products are made from titanium. A classic probe consists of a probe holder, the shaft and a probe ball. The smallest shaft has a diameter of just 0.17 mm. Particular attention is paid to the expansion/contraction of the probe materials so that the measuring result is not affected.

Top results with Motorex
A cutting oil which can be used universally is required, especially when machining various materials (steel, aluminium and titanium) on the same machines. Based on the many positive experiences and joint development cooperation, the machine manufacturer Tornos recommended the ground-breaking high-performance Motorex Ortho NF-X cutting oil. After an analysis of requirements by the Motorex partner for itp in Germany (FS GmbH, Bickenbach), all machining processes were able to be successfully carried out with Ortho NF-X. Furthermore, another advantage was the flash point of Ortho NF-X 15, which is beneficial for the flammable process of titanium machining, for which there is a rapidly increasing volume of orders. After the first tests, outstanding finishes had been achieved, which in turn significantly reduced the post-processing costs.

We will deepen the subect in our next issue.

Motorex AG Langenthal
Technical After-Sales Service
4901 Langenthal, Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)62 919 74 74
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itp GmbH
Rathausstr. 75 – 79
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Small but nice: a sensor which likes to separate

With the miniature cavity pressure sensor type 6008A Priamus System Technologies extends its range of sensors for the use at limited spacial conditions in the injection mold.
It is a remarkable and unique fact that also with these small dimensions the sensor connecting cable can be detached and exchanged as needed.

As with all cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors this sensor can be used to automatically detect the melt front for switching purposes – such as the opening and closing of valve gates or the balancing of hotrunner molds. This way – and opposite to a switching level – the switching signals are only generated if the plastic melt is actually at the sensor position. At the same time it will be ensured by the pressure value that the molded part is actually compressed.

The cavity pressure signal is still an indispensable tool especially for the process monitoring in injection molding.

Priamus System Technologies AG
Rheinweg 4
CH-8200 Schaffhausen


To be discovered at:
Chinaplas 2013 (Guangzhou, China) – May 20 to 23, 2013
K2013 (Düsseldorf, Germany) -Octobre 16 to 23, 2013

The digital age of polishing!

If the capture of movements (motion capture) was developed in the 1980s for the army and then for physiological and medical analyses, it is Hollywood and video games that have developed this technique for recording human movements through sensors to then recreate them in a virtual manner (as in Avatar for example). At EPHJ Crevoisier, the manufacturer of grinding and finishing centres, will present an articulated polishing robot that operates using the same technique.


Crevoisier uses the film industry developments to the service of polishing. Thanks to its new acquisition and polishing cells, the perfect gestures of polishers can be reproduced to infinity.

Crevoisier will present in world premiere at EPHJ a polymorphic polishing robot which is able to reproduce the sure gestures of the best polishers. How does it work? What are the consequences for the polishing world and for the watchmaking field (first target of this revolution)?

To work with the polishing specialist
“The goal is to give the polishing specialist a complementary tool” says Mr. Migy, technical-sales mgr. He continues: “Today watchmakers have difficulty to find highly skilled workforce and it is more and more common that they have to subcontract abroad”. In order to keep these added value operations in Switzerland, Crevoisier presents a new concept of programmation for polishing robots.

Step by step
In the event of a series of parts to be polished, the specialist works manually as he is used to on a polishing post. A motion capture system saves all useful movements. Each sequence of polishing realised by the specialist being registered, he can proceed to the next step that will allow the robot to replicate movements.

Crevoisier SA
CH-2714 Les Genevez
Tel. + 41 32 484 71 00
Fax + 41 32 484 71 07
[email protected]

We will present this piece of news in deeper details in Eurotec’s next issue.






Baselworld starts today…

After five years of development and planning and three years of construction, the organisers were able to commission the new hall complex in February 2013 on schedule and on budget.
The Tornos’ SwissNano (news here) is ready to offer you a coffee on the booth and Willemin Macodel presents some new products dedicated to watch making (news here).

At a cost of 430 million Swiss francs, the new exhibition venue is the largest investment ever made in the Swiss trade show industry. Over 200 contractors were involved in this project; at times over 1,000 people were at work on the construction site. The quantities of materials that went into the complex are staggering: 6,800 tons of steel, 43,000 cubic meters of concrete, 820 kilometers (or 534 miles) of electric wiring and cabling … the list goes on.

Impressive architecture
The new building is a consummate blend of functionality and esthetics. With the new venue Messe Basel now has a total exhibition space of 141,000 square meters, with 74,000 square meters available in Hall 1 alone and a total of 83,000 square meters for multi-story booth structures. The large continuous areas in Hall 1 enable flexible space management. And visitors will also benefit from the more concentrated exhibition area.

Benefits for exhibitors and visitors?
There are two categories of exhibitors, the watch making companies to whom Baselworld is more or less the only European event every year… and there are machine-tools and peripherals builders to whom the show is only a small part of their marketing activities (that is anyhow far less developed than watch brands). And those are indeed not at the level of the shiny brands. Is it still worth going to Basel for them? Only the future will answer this.
This year I discussed with a few ones that were not ready to invest the necessary amount of money to be there and decided to only exhibit to Geneva in June.

What about manufacturing?
The new building and the watchmaking aspect will be outstanding (even more than usual). If you’re just looking for a manufacturing solution the dedicated hall (4U) may be of interests to you, nevertheless its size is quite small and there are not that many exhibitors (you can download the plan of the “manufacturing hall” here). If you are in Switzerland often, you would certainly need to go to EPHJ in Geneva in June for a more comprehensive exhibition on that aspect.

Open from today till May 2, 2013.

Laser technology via mouse click on

Making the technology accessible to the customer to the most possible extent – this is the declared objective of the eurolaser GmbH, located in Lüneburg (Germany).
For this purpose, the well-known laser system manufacturer is now striking new paths. By using the video portal ‘‘, customers and interested people can be conveniently informed about laser cutting and laser engraving from home. They can choose the video, starting it by mouse click and experience the high-quality laser systems in action. The extensive video archive with numerous application examples supplies informative entertainment on the subject of laser technology.

For everyone…
The handling of the website is very easy and can intuitively used by everyone. Clear menu navigation provides for a simple finding of videos for a particular range of subjects. It can both sorted by markets, materials, products and processing methods. If the user could not find the right video, he has also the opportunity to enter his own search keywords. Each video includes a short description (in German and English) with comments on-topic. There is additional information for the topics, or rather the technology presented in the videos available at the click of a mouse.

…at any time
“With the help of ‘‘, the fascinating world of laser technology will be brought closer to our customers and it will present the diversity of possible applications” says Thorsten Brandt, marketing manager at eurolaser.




A new standard for turning

The number of tools available on machines directly influences the ability of these to perform complex operations or machine parts requiring extra finish. The race for productivity and quality are also two parameters pushing companies to always find more intelligent solutions for their customers. Pibomulti presents a new tool-holder system adaptable on many machine-tools: Piboturn.
Principle of the Piboturn tool holder. 1) Cone-face adaptation with compressible hollow cone, 2) manual lateral clamping, 3) cylindrical guiding, 4) automatic clamping

Developed first for machines of Emissa, its sister company; Piboturn tool holders now hits the market of turning with strong assets, both in terms of stiffness and reduced sizes.

New tool-holder…
To answer to the needs of Emissa machines, new turning tool-holders had to be designed. They had to be less bulky and especially offering the possibility to adjust the heights of each tool independently precisely in a repeatable way. These also had to be rigid and controllable easily. The systems already on the market were not suitable for various reasons, including too large sizes. Pibomulti has developed a system of cone with compressible hollow cone HSK type but with a guide on 3 points (face, compressible cone and axis of the cone). This new concept ensures stability on radial efforts that standard hollow cone cannot provide (take-off of the cone).

Compact systems… 25% more tools
The Piboturn system allows the use of very small tools, particularly in turning. That instantly increases the number of available tools and therefore the possibilities of machines. For example, used on turrets and compared to the VDI, the user can set up 25% more tools. The great repeatability allows set-ups in hidden time on usual pre-setting devices of the market.

Pibomulti SA
Jambe-Ducommun 18
CH- Le Locle
Tél. +41 32 933 06 33
Fax +41 32 933 06 30
[email protected]

To be discovered in more details in Eurotec’s next issue.

Motor for fine rotary motions

maxon windings and precious metal brushes generate higher torque …and many other benefits.
On the left, the RE 30 Ø 30 mm, precious metal brushes, 15 W by maxon motor. The centerpiece of the maxon motor is the globally patented ironless winding (on the right), System maxon: This motor concept has some very specific benefits, including low interference and no magnetic cogging. The 90% efficiency is unrivalled by other motor systems.

Haptic applications are well known in medical engineering, robotics, and aeronautics. For example: An active helicopter sidestick generates forces that provide tactile feedback to the pilot of a conventional system. Such applications require a special drive. maxon’s ironless winding and precious metal commutation were predestined for these requirements.

Special, rare and totally adapted
The new – big and powerful – RE 30 EB precious metal brushed motor is a special and rare drive, and for certain applications, it’s exactly what’s needed. Precious metal brushes are known for ensuring low, constant contact resistance over the entire service life, a characteristic that makes control far easier. This motor also features a low start-up voltage, even after a long period in standstill. With a rated torque of 53 mNm, the motor is very powerful despite the precious metal commutation, providing twice the power of an RE 25 EB. In addition, there is minimal high-frequency interference. These are all advantages that are only possible with ironless windings and precious metal brushes.

Tactile feed-back technology
The development of this motor was initialized by maxon customers. As a result, the motor is specifically designed for haptic applications (with tactile feed-back) such as surgical robots. This means the motor can also be used as a highly-sensitive sensor, acting as the sense of touch for registering mechanical resistance

maxon motor ag
Brünigstrasse 220
P.O. Box 263
CH-6072 Sachseln
Tel: +41 (41) 666 15 00
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