The key of success…

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Productec we discussed with Mr. François Steulet, its founder and director, about the evolution of the CAM markets, the strength of the industries of microtechnology in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries and the need to train to be more competitive.

On May 16 and 17, the Productec team will celebrate the 25th birthday of the company with customers in Rossemaison.

Productec looks like an American success story. Its history began in 1988 in the apartment of the founder, at the time it was still the prehistory of computing. In 1989 he decides to work with Gibbs System (USA)… and today Productec is part of the main agents of Gibbs and many of its own developments allow GibbsCAM to satisfy its customers around the world.

Training in support of innovation
“Even with a simple and intuitive product, it is not possible to work effectively with technology tools without training” explains the director. Productec offers training at the purchase of its products but also offers each month standard course in its premises.

Impressive gains in programming…
Self-training is source of waste of time and decrease in quality, but is it possible to give that poor overall quality a value? Mr. Steulet gives us two examples: “In a recent case, we analysed programmes made by an operator, they were good, but to achieve them, he needed between 10 and 12 hours. By simply changing its programming strategy and using the advanced features of GibbsCAM, the same type of parts requires no more than 4 hours today“. But these gains are only the less important ones, those made in cycle times are much, much more impressive.

..and production
The return on investment of a targeted training must also be calculated taking into account productivity gains, the director explains: “It is not uncommon that by simply optimizing machining strategies with GibbCAM we allow our customers to gain up to 30% on cycle time. With a few machines in production, the return on investment is immediate”. Productec specialists provide custom training that pass through the analysis of customers’ parts and their optimisation.

To be (re) discovered in Rossemaison and at EPHJ/EPMT, Geneva
Productec organizes an event for its customers in its own premises in Rossemaison on May 16 and 17 with the presence of Bill Gibbs. In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact them at the address below.
At the Geneva show (June 11 to 14), Productec will present its solutions in watchmaking and microtechnology. The company has developed numerous modules that make wonders in these fields, for example the thread whirling or preparation to gem-setting modules. It will also be an opportunity to discuss technique and training with the representatives of the company, users have everything to gain from their visits.

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