Responsiveness and skills to the service of F1 and more…

In F1’s teams there are generally two groups of engineers working in parallel to refine the current season engines and also to already work on those for the next season. Both require very reactive sub-contractors capable of providing complex parts in exotic materials under very tight deadlines.

Close front view of a red race car on a track. High resolution 3D render.
The world of competition requires the extreme performance of its suppliers. Del West works with all active engine manufacturers in formula 1, it says a lot about the company’s skills.

Del West Europe located in Roche (Switzerland), at the gates of the Valais, works with all the motors providers and relies on the Miyano BNA-42DHY lathe for the realization of very demanding and highly accurate parts. Meeting with the executives of the company and Newemag’s sales specialist who has provided the machine.

F1 to the service of watch making
If the company has grown around its machining solutions of valves (valve, cotters, lash disks, air-springs and air pressure systems) for the F1 racing and GP motorbikes, including through its mastering of machining of very special materials, it realises now 30% of its turnover with watchmakers who come to bargain for innovations at Del West.

Very effective solution provided by Newemag
After one year and several months of learning, Del West draws a positive balance of the Miyano BNA-42DHY. In comparison with the previous solution, the machine is completely autonomous and the level of quality has increased. Compact and rigid the machine is designed around a flat bench with grated slides for a maximal dampening of vibration; to increase tool life and offer high precision and perfect surface finishes. By design this lathe ensures a minimal thermal dilatation for a long life of precision and reliability.

Two high-end companies at EPHJ
At EPHJ/EPMT, you will have the opportunity to meet with these two companies (Del West Europe on the A77 stand and Newemag on the B108 stand). Del West will present its expertise to the service of competition and watchmaking through applications, materials and special coatings. Newemag will unveil the Matsuura LX 160, 5 axis machining center, and the new Miyano BNA-42YTG machine. In this regard Mr. Rougemont (Newemag) says: “This machine is the new extension of the BNA range. It has a platen in addition to the turrets and can engage three tools simultaneously in the material; it opens new possibilities of machining”.

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Newemag turret1_Eurotec
The main turret of the BNA-42DHY can accept up to 32 tools with 4-position tool holders (live or fixed). Simultaneous machining on the main turret with the two spindles is possible (counter spindle on 2 axes).


Newemag turret2_Eurotec
The second turret of the machine includes 6 tools.

By the way, you can also visit Newemag at their open house next week from May 22 to 24 in Rotkreuz.

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