Shuttle tool changer to be discovered at EMO

Colombo Filippetti, the Italian company from Torino, will unveil a new optimized shuttle tool changer simplifying operations and management at EMO on hall 26, Stand F07.
The main characteristic is that no hydraulic device is used, this allows impressive results. Compared to the usual devices, the system is noiseless, cleaner and  much more reliable. It is composed of an exchanging unit assembled on a shuttle moved by a servomotor which slides, through rollers, on a hardened prismatic guide.

Vertical and horizontal
The exchange cycle (180° rotation) is completed by using a precision reduction gear with servomotor while the cone extraction stroke is operated by an oleo-pneumatic cylinder. In the version (O+V) it can change the tool with spindle both in vertical and in horizontal positions: in this version the tool exchanger is pivoted in a fulcrum and can rotate by 90 degrees operated by an oleo-pneumatic cylinder. The gripper arm has a mechanical control with shutters when the tool is drawn from the spindle.

Tailored to customers’ needs
The CTNE 50 is completed by different kinds of ring or annular magazines with a number of tools variable from 20 to 80 tools according to production needs. It fits to the following types of cones: ISO 45, ISO 50, BT 50, HSK 80, HSK 100, Capto C8 and Capto C10 with tool weight of 25 kg in the standard version and  35 kg in the heavy version (W). Colombo Filippetti will show some of its more significant products at EMO. It will also be possible to see the different applications of the CTNE 50 on some of its customer’s machines on show at EMO.

Colombo Filippetti Torino Srl
Via Massimo D’Antona 65
10040 Rivalta di Torino (TO)
Tel +39 0113972211
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