Several news from the Swiss specialist for standard parts at EMO

The products of Agathon stand out due to the superior material quality, highest surface finish, closest tolerances and simple assembly…. and there is more to be discovered at EMO.

The new press adapters from Agathon is an elegant and efficient solution to upgrade old adapters.
The new press adapters from Agathon is an elegant and efficient solution to upgrade old adapters.

At this year EMO, the company will unveil a few novelties, namely preloaded pillar guides, floating bearings and new products in the punching tool standard offer.

Product innovation
Agathon LTD. shows preloaded pillar guides for the adapters of powder presses. With relatively small investments in the adapter guides, old, inaccurate adapters can be upgraded to high accuracy. Thus, the competitiveness of customers increases in the market. Depending on the environment, a single or a double protection is available for the guide elements.

Floating bearings are used to compensate the longitudinal expansion due to heat in motor spindles, without loss of precision. These bearings only take radial forces and move according to the thermal expansion. As an alternative to the usual floating bearings of high frequency spindles, Agathon presents a floating bearing which withstands the qualitative requirements for precision and durability.

Punching tool standards
Some new products complete the company’s actual delivery program, in particular guiding elements for ISO/DIN Standards, die sets from cast iron, steel, aluminum and carbon, as well as guiding elements for the machine, mold, device and fixture construction round off the product range.

In addition to these news, the company emphasizes its availability from stock and the outstanding price/performance ratio of its products.  It’s to be discovered in Hannover on Hall 11, booth B62.

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