No more than a hair dryer

EMO is approaching and, as announced on August 6, Willemin-Macodel is about to unveil a very important candidate to the price of the year’s innovation. The company decided to change completely its way to see things to develop a new concept of machining.

The new 701S only needs one square meter. The test realized by the company show results beyond expectations.
The new 701S only needs one square meter. The test realised by the company show results beyond expectations.

When we speak of high precision, machine-tools builders always associate mass and rigidity. Willemin-Macodel decided to change of paradigm. The parallel kinematics allows minimising the moving mass while keeping the great rigidity of the feed control. Combining those two elements guarantee high own frequencies, high dynamics and high fidelity in following trajectories at high speed. This architecture is able to bear 5G accelerations!

Consumption: no more than a hair dryer
Direct result of this innovative concept, energy to mobilize to achieve the machining operations is minimal. At such a point that the machine energy consumption is the same of a hair dryer. The choice of high efficiency motors and actuators minimises thermal loss and guarantees the dimensional stability of the whole, hence a better accuracy on the parts. Another consequence of the low energy consumption of the machine is that it is not necessary to develop other devices to deal with the energy already dissipated. On that aspect this machine is the first to reach such a level of efficiency.

We will come back on the subject of this new machine very soon.

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