Rapid tool change due to the Chiron ToolTower

At EMO, Chiron will present the new Chiron ToolTower. Its enables higher productivity due to shorter set-up times by allowing rapid changing of up to 210 tools. (See also the news about the Chiron baseline at EMO here.)

The tools are thus provided within the shortest possible time during machining and with minimal space requirements. The magazine is available in configuration levels with places for 130, 170 or 210 tools. The space requirements are minimal and the same for all configuration levels. At EMO this new too changer will be shown on a brand new solution, the new 24 series.

The new 24 series machines with a large spindle clearance
The new models provide spacious work areas with the dimensions X 830 mm / Y 630 mm / Z 630 mm, and, along with highest precision, especially high cutting performance. For powerful machining, there are spindle drives with torques of up to 300 Nm. The new models of the 24 series are available either with one or two spindles with a clearance of 400 mm or 600 mm, with fixed tables or workpiece changing tables. The large door opening as well as the barrier-free access to the work area allow easy loading and unloading of workpieces and devices, for instance with a crane. In addition to its great performance, it is also characterized by even greater speed: extremely rapid feeds and acceleration rates as well as chip-to-chip times of 2.9 seconds ensure highly dynamic production.

For a quick change during machining, different configuration levels of Chiron ToolTowers with up to 210 places are available and can also be seen at the EMO. Chiron rotary axes are based on crash-safe as well as backlash-free cycloid and torque drive technology with direct angle measuring systems. These ensure highly accurate, efficient multi-sided machining. The machining centers are designed in an especially compact way. Additional aggregates are integrated in the Chiron FluidTower to save space. The chip conveyor can be mounted behind or on the side, depending on the spatial situation.

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