Willemin-Macodel unveils its alien machine

Imagine a Delta handling robot. Turn it by 180°. It holds the part to be machined on the pod connected to three arms. The milling spindle is fixed on a stationary gantry overlooking this 3-axis pod. Got it? You have the new concept of Willemin-Macode in mind!

Mounted on 3 axes, the pod holding the part offers perfect central symmetry.
Mounted on 3 axes, the pod holding the part offers perfect central symmetry.

The idea of doing a machining center designed with a parallel architecture as opposed to a classic (serial) one is not new, but until now it had never reached such a high level of achievement. After several years of collaboration with EPFL (Federal Polytechnique School Lausanne), Willemin-Macodel has developed a micro-machining Delta machine of sub-micronic precision. This one encompasses absolute novelties and is completely designed and produced in Switzerland.

New references in accuracy and productivity
“With the new 701 we are pushing the limits of conventional machining” says Mr. Haegeli, director. On the parts produced for partner customers in the development of the machine, the cycle time savings are substantial as we speak of a factor of 2 to 5x faster than a conventional process, depending on the applications. In terms of accuracy, the machine allows reaching precision below the micron and very fine surface finishes close to grinding processes. If necessary, the subsequent super finishing operations will be greatly simplified.

You can discover the machine at EMO on Hall 27, Stand C66.

You can also watch the clip of the new machine on Willemin-Macodel.com here.

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