EcoCCore – the next generation in solvent cleaning

Looking at the cleanliness of industrial parts, the required results in various applications are often only achieved in a reliable and economic way when using solvents. Dürr Ecoclean sets new standards in solvent cleaning with an innovative system concept.
The EcoCCore is designed for operations with hydrocarbons and modified alcohols. It achieves reduced costs per unit in the cleaning process and convinces with its technical and design concept. The next generation in solvent cleaning systems is unveiled at parts2clean in Stuttgart (Germany) from October 22 to 24.

Optimized application, new design
The EcoCCore is developed for the operation with non-halogenated hydrocarbons, modified alcohols and polar solvents. The new system is not only extremely flexible when it comes to the choice of solvent but also when batch sizes are concerned. Engineers especially focused on high process reliability, optimized handling and energy efficiency. The EcoCCore also convinces with comprehensive standard equipment and reduced space requirement.

Reduced costs per unit
In addition a noticeable reduction of costs per unit in the cleaning process is achieved. This characteristic enables users to strengthen their competitive position. Besides, the EcoCCore also sets standards in design and transparency of the cleaning process. The new system replaces the current series 81C/P. It is presented at this year’s parts2clean on the Dürr Ecoclean booth in Hall 4, Stand 4216/4315.

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