Re-designed SV-38R for complex parts at EMO

Star Micronics has developed SV-38R, a new model equipped with the enhanced functions of the SV series of the Swiss type automatic lathe. This model is specifically designed for the machining of complicated-shaped parts to be used in the medical, automobile and aviation related areas.

According to the manufacturer, the new Star SV-38R will be released in April, 2014 in the global market.
According to the manufacturer, the new Star SV-38R will be released in April, 2014 in the global market. Its main differences? B axis on the turret and many tools in counter-operation.

For front working, a 2-axis controlled gang-type tool post and a 3-axis controlled turret-type tool post are arranged with the guide bush in the center. Each tool post is controlled independently so that turning, drilling and milling can be done at the same time. By simultaneously working on both the front and rear sides via an 8-axis unit with a Y-axis control function especially designed for rear working, the machining time is reduced.

New B axis on the turret
The SV-38R ensures a maximum machining diameter of 38mm, and includes two types, adding to the product lineup. Type A has a total of 11 controlled axes (9 linearly controlled axes and 2 rotationally controlled axes) while Type B has a total of 12 controlled axes with the tool rotation axis (B axis) mounted on the turret-type tool post. Both Types A and B are equipped with the function to select either a guide bush type or non-guide bush type according to the total length of parts to machine.

Improved security
In addition, the unique Star Motion Control System minimizes non-cutting time needed for switching the control system and changing tools. A variety of check functions, such as an alarm help function for monitoring alarm details on the NC screen, a program check function for checking the contents of a created program in advance, etc. are also available to improved operability and workability.

To be seen at EMO till the end of the week.

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