Shorter cutting times with higher process security

There is a considerable loss in productivity in steel-turning due to machine shops holding back on cutting speed with an emphasis on establishing a safe, predictable tool-life. This has been largely due to the performance of tools throughout the broad mid ISO P25 application area.
Process security has been a concern because of uneven insert wear development with either careful process supervision or more frequent stopages to change inserts. Cutting speeds have been kept well below any recommended levels.

Inveo Technology at your service…
Advances in material science and manufacturing processes have led to a new, more comprehensive approach to insert-grade development which has resulted in a new generation P25 grade. GC4325 with Inveo Technology can be used to improve security and performance across a broad variety of applications involving various steel types, operations, conditions – the most varied and demanding on inserts.

…to produce more and with more security
With GC4325, longer tool-life is achieved through retaining an intact edge-line, which increases machine utilization through fewer tool changes. The new grade also has the highest recommended cutting data of all P25 grades – and the process security to maintain it. This new grade also gives consistent performance with a minimum need for process-supervision.

Withstands higher temperatures
The insert substrate and coating of GC4325 have been developed to better withstand high temperatures, thereby reducing the effect that causes excessive wear. As a bonus, the grade is highly capable of maintaining the insert edge line at higher temperatures, which translates into the capability for higher cutting speeds with added security through more predictable, longer tool life.

With all this in mind an average productivity increase of 30 percent from today’s existing levels is now available. The grade represents a new generation of performance with coated cemented-carbide indexable inserts, providing a new potential to be tapped throughout a large and diversified application area.

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