To reduce installation expense and to save space at the same time

Eisele developed its product series of multiple connectors. The MULTILine includes connectors for compressed air, vacuum or fluids, as well as a multiple media version. Electrical connections can also be integrated. Eisele has now extended the product range with the addition of a 32-line connector for maximum flexibility in connecting compressed air and vacuum lines.

With the new Multiline version of Eisele can be connected up to 32 lines with just a single interface.
With the new MULTIiLine version of Eisele can be connected up to 32 lines with just a single interface.

Whether in plant construction or for maintenance and repair work – Eisele MULTILine connectors can be used for the secure, efficient and space-saving connection of single components or entire assemblies by means of one easy-to-use connection. Installation expense and set-up times can be reduced significantly. The 1800 series includes connections for compressed air, vacuum and fluids, ensuring full flow without pressure losses. The practical quick-connectors feature a positioning pin to prevent incorrect connections. Eisele insists on the use of robust solid metal housings instead of plastic.

Multiple connector for up to 32 single connections
Bundling of four to twelve hoses in one plug-in connection facilitates installation considerably. With the largest metal multiple connector available on the market, the Waiblingen-based company truly provides for maximum connections in a compact space: Up to 32 lines with an outer diameter of four millimetres can now be securely connected with only one interface. In addition, versions with 16 and 22 connections for hoses with an outer diameter of six millimetres are available. Multiple connectors facilitate installation, maintenance and retrofitting of machines, systems and assemblies. MULTILine from Eisele was developed precisely for these applications. The goal was to accommodate the maximum number of connections in a minimal space. This is another advantage of the metal housing, which can be constructed with a much smaller and more compact design than a plastic housing.

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